Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers on the Rif Wars

The Journal and on-line forum of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers (SOTCW) often have material on the Rif Wars. You can find the society on the SOTCW Website

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Richard Baber

Richard Baber is currently the editor for the Journal. He is very keen on the Rif War and often publishes material in both the Journal and on-line forum. Richard has kindly agreed to let me post some of his material here… which I will do as soon as time allows.

The Journal

The Journal is a quarterly A4-sized publication of around 60-70 pages, with card covers. Each issue includes articles on battles, equipment, scenarios, rules, models, figures etc. Members are encouraged to write articles, reviews or letters for publication.

In particular issue 53 (Spring 2006) of the Journal had a Rif War theme. The Rif War specific content was:




53 Rif War, Morocco 1919-26 A brief history
53 Breaking the siege of Tifaruin A battle in the Rif War, August 1923
53 Aircraft over Morocco Some thoughts on Spanish and French airpower over Morocco
53 Hijos de la noche A skirmish scenario set in 1926
53 Wargaming the Rif War Some ideas on rules and figures
53 The Bloaco Rif War scenario
53 Removing the Stain A scenario set in the French Zone in 1923
53 Stop the Gunrunner Some thoughts on the naval aspects of the Rif War
53 Uniforms, equipment and organisations for the Rif War TO&Es of the various forces
53 The Battle of Safi Scenario set during the French offensive of 1925

The On-line Forum

The SOTCW Forum contains some Rif material, mainly from Richard Baber.

Rif Wargame

Rif Wargame – Relief Column

Spanish Marine Infantry 1920s

Army of Africa

Infantry Regiment 68

Spanish Conscript Infantry circa 1920



Spanish supply column circa 1920

French mule ambulance (WIP)

French Foreign Legion and Saharienne


French colonial Spahis

French Colonial Uniforms

Rif Wargame: The battle of Safi – October 3rd 1925

The Yahoo Discussion Forum

The society also has an email discussion forum on yahoo: SOTCW Discussion Forum

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