Sources for Crossfire

An annotated bibliography for Crossfire.

Conliffe, A. (1996). CrossFire: Rules and organisations for company-level WW-II gaming. Quantum Printing.

Rutherford, B. and Lewis, J. (n.d.). Hit the Dirt: WWII scenarios for Crossfire. Quantum Printing.

Yahoo Group: Crossfire WW2 Discussion Forum

A great source of Crossfire ideas. This feeds both my own house rules and my musings.

Official Crossfire Website

Hosted by John Moher but is the official site. John is in contact with Arty Conliffe.

John Moher

This is John Moher’s own wargaming site. John is, amongst other things, the author of Modern Spearhead.

Tim Marshall

Tim offers some well thought out house rules, many scenarios, and some official rule clarifications.

Nikolas Lloyd

Lloyd has lots of great content on wargaming although the highlights for me are his Crossfire section including his adaptation for 1:1 scale and his suggestions for Modelling scenery.

Ian Hayward

This is the place to go if you’re interested in Crossfire in 6 mm and true 1:1 scale.

Matakishi’s Tea House

Paul Ward’s site. Has all sorts of beautiful stuff … including some Crossfire.

Association Maquetisme Modélisme GRENOBLE [French and English]

I believe this site is managed by Reda [French Wargamer]. It has some very interesting stuff on Crossfire including a on-line dynamic tutorial and some scenarios concentrating on the Pacific theatre.

Wargaming with Maximus Gluteus

Dick Bryant’s wargaming blog. Dick plays Crossfire quite a lot including some of my scenarios.

Kingston Irregulars

The blog of Dick Bryant’s wargaming group. The Blog features Crossfire games.

Danosan’s 1:1 Crossfire

Incoming! Barrie Lovell’s Crossfire for Vietnam

The first of the Vietnam variants. Lower level than standard Crossfire with some good stuff. Includes Barrie’s own summary of Incoming and Crossfire.

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