Sources for DBx, DBA, HOTT, DBM, DBR

An annotated bibliography for the DBx family of rules.

Fanaticus: De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) Resource Page by Chris Brantley

The essential resource all things DBA.

Alan Saunders: The Stronghold: An unofficial site for ‘Hordes of the Things’

Ditto but for HOTT. But unfortunately defunct.

Alan Saunders: The Stronghold Rebuilt

This is Alan’s new offering. Like the original Stronghold it is great but Alan has expanded his focus from pure HOTT. HOTT appears alongside other content. I’m always hopeful that Alan will migrate his original content to the new format.

Wargames Research Group Ltd: History

Phil Barker has reincorporated WRG and made many of the rules available free for download. Including DBA1 and HOTT2.

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