Sources for Engle Matrix Games

An annotated bibliography for Engle Matrix Games.

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Hamster Press

Chris Engle invented Engle Matrix Games and is the biggest promoter. He now has some commercial products.

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Was available on-line via the Matrix Gamer forum. But has disappeared.

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Yahoo Matrix Gamer Discussion Group – MatrixGamer

The original Matrix Game discussion forum which was abandoned due to spam. Still interesting if you want to dig around in the archives.

Yahoo Matrix Gamer Discussion Group – MatrixGame2

The replacement discussion forum. Chris Engle is a key member of this group. They discuss the rules in general, and more significantly, they play games via the discussion forum. When I last looked they were getting ready to do a 1645 English Civil War campaign game set in Scotland. and Chris was running an ad hoc battle game to teach people about how battles were fought in this period.

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