Sources for Fogo Cruzado

An annotated bibliography for Fogo Cruzado, my variant of Crossfire for the Portuguese Colonial War of the 1960s and 1970s. Or, more strictly speaking, sources of inspiration.

Ambush Alley Games. (2007). Ambush Alley! Modern urban counter-insurgency rules. Author.

Clarke, R. (2008). B’Maso! The winds of change wars in Africa. Two Fat Lardies.

Excellent material both for those just interested in the Modern African Wars and for those who like IABSM. Nuno Pereira has done some nice scenarios for the Guerra Ultramar.

Clarke, R. and Skninner, N. (2005). I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum (IABSM): Rules for WW2 company level wargaming. Two Fat Lardies.

Favour individual figures per stand for a company. That is a lot of stands. WW2 but as the B’Maso supplement for Africa. I’ve written up notes on Crossfire Meets I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum so I can convert IABSM scenarios to Crossfire.

Conliffe, A. (1996). CrossFire: Rules and organisations for company-level WW-II gaming. Quantum Printing.

The original Crossfire rules.

David Manley: Fire Force – 15mm Platoon Level Modern Skirmish Rules

Based on the Vietnam rules Search and Destroy by Peter Pig. Includes the Martin Porter: Guerrilla Warfare Campaign Rules

David Schueler’s Crossfire for Vietnam

HKSW: Vietnam and Contre Les Viets: Peter Hunt’s Crossfire for Indochina

Incoming! Barrie Lovell’s Crossfire for Vietnam

The first of the breed. 1:1 scale.

Lloydian Aspects: Crossfire at 1:1 Scale

RFCM team. (1999). AK47 Republic: Rules for Warlord level Battles in Africa 1955 to 1990. Peter Pig Miniatures.

RFCM team. (2009). AK47 Republic: Rules for Warlord level Battles in Africa 1955 to 1990. 2009 Edition. Reloaded. Peter Pig Miniatures.

I haven’t the rules yet – I’ll pick up a copy when I next see Peter Pig at a show – but I’ve looked at the free downloads.

Stoesen, C. (2008). Rock The Casbah: Modern urban warfare in the Lebanese Civil War. Two Fat Lardies.

Yahoo Group: Crossfire WWII

Alejandro Ojeda published a Modern variant (in both Spanish and English) – go search the archive.

Yahoo Group: Modern Crossfire and Volume of Fire

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