Sources for the Battle of Stalingrad

Annotated bibliography for the Battle of Stalingrad.

BattleFront Miniatures

BattleFront Miniatures are quite a bit on Stalingrad scattered around their site, including:

BattleFront: Against the Flood – Operation Uranus

BattleFront: Battle for Stalingrad

BattleFront: Colin’s Stalingrad Buildings

BattleFront: “Dzershinzki” Tractor Factory

BattleFront: Fight for the Red October

BattleFront: Fighting to Hall 7 Red October Factory

Battlefront: Operation Hubertus: Ljudnikows Last Stand in Stalingrad

BattleFront: Stalingrad – Battle Report “Red October”

BattleFront: Stalingrad Apartment Blocks

Beevor, A. (1999). Stalingrad. Penguin.

Chuikov, V. I. (1963). The Beginning of the Road: The story for the Battle for Stalingrad. Macgibbon and Kee.

Chuikov was, of course, the Russian commander in Stalingrad. A great resource. Seems to be the main reference for other authors. Tows the party line a little too much, but what can you expect from a Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Clark, A. (1965). Barbarossa. Cassell.

Doerr, H. (1955). Der Feldzug nach Stalingrad. Darmstadt.

Major-General Hans Doerr was a German officer at Stalingrad. His book, translated as Campaign in Stalingrad, is cited by Chuikov (1963).

Erickson, J. (1993). The Road to Stalingrad: Stalin’s war with Germany: Volume One. London: Weidenfeld.

Very good. Very detailed. And provides a much better sequence of events than other sources.

Fire & Fury

In particular Fire & Fury: Another day in the Tractor Factory and Fire & Fury: Historicon 2004. The later includes snaps of a Stalingrad scenario.

Fowler, W. (2005). Stalingrad: The Vital 7 Days. Spellmount.

Geert Rottiers: Battle of Stalingrad

Information, Photos, and Original Maps of the Battle

Katadat: Russian and the Soviet Union in Pictures: The Great Patriotic antifascist war in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Military History OnLine: Battle of Stalingrad

Privates – Antiquariat: Stalingrad – Bilder einer erbitterten Schlacht (German)

RKKA in WW2: Maps 1942 South-Western Direction

Stalingrad 1942-1943: Photos from the Soviet photographer Georgii Anatolyevian Zelma

Stalingrad: All you want to know about great Battle (sic) (English and German).

Many photos and various information on the battle.

Stalingrad: Battlefield info

many Pictures from the battle and the city

Too Fat Lardies: Stalingrad Day

Photos from a day long multi-player game using IABSM.

Volgadmin: Mamayev Hill Museum (English, Russian, German)

Volgadmin: Stalingrad Battle (English, Russian, German)

Volgograd State Panoramic Museum: Stalingrad Battle

Wikipedia: Battle of Stalingrad

Wikipedia: Urban Warfare

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