Sources for the Peninsular War

An annotated bibliography for the Peninsular War.

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Covers the Quite Campaign and the Battle of Pichincha (24 May 1812)

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Division Mallorquina-Whittingham [Spanish]

División Mallorquina-uniformes [Spanish]

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Guerra De La Independencia Española 1808-1814

HäT Industrie: Painting Guide

The pictures are rough, but you should get the idea.

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Peninsular War

Very good site with with guides to key battles.

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Regimientos de América (Spanish and English)

Despite the title (“Uniforms of South America”), it also includes details of Battles, Flags Tactics, Figures, Books, Equipment, Articles, Links, and Shows. Also has sections on the Napoleonic Wars.

Regimiento de Cazadores de Mallorca [Spanish]

Juan Bernardo Albertí Dumas wrote in to bring this reenactment group to my attention. In fact the group is for DIVISION MALLORQUINA DE VOLUNTARIOS 1808 (DMV-1808) also known as Whitttingham Division.

Wikipedia: Battles of the Peninsular War

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