Sources for the Rise of Roman

Historical Web Sites

Has on-line versions of the various ancient texts:

Has on-line versions of the various ancient texts:

Carthage [Spanish]

Nice little site dedicated to Carthaginian history, including a nice picture of a Spanish Warrior and a Roman Legionary.

A gaming site with a couple of time lines:

Roman Time Line and Carthaginian Time Line

Wargaming Web Sites

Rob Smith’s Magna Graecia is a DBM campaign setting for the Wars for Sicily, 398 BC – 211 BC [broken link]

Looks good; haven’t used it. Love the maps in particular – I am determined to use them for something.

Richard Bodley Scott thinks Carthaginians are great under DBM.

Richard offers some sound advice and some interesting alternatives for using the Carthaginians in a DBM competition. Unfortunately Richard’s advice also highlights for me why DBM can’t simulate the Punic Wars.

The DBA Resource Page has a

Includes some nice shield illustrations along with some painting instructions.

Offers some dubious painting suggestions by a couple of contributors. .

Daniel Burkley offers a DBA scenario: Battle of Trebbia (218 BC).

A guy called Craig offers a variety of goodies

DBM 24 uses only 24 elements, making it cheaper and faster than the full game. Haven’t tried it yet, but I will.


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