Sources for the Spanish-American War

An annotated bibliography for the Spanish-American War. Being an American war there is lots of material available on the web.

Web Sources

Both Google and Yahoo have a category covering this war, so these are worthwhile places to start your own investigations. I’ve included a small sub-set as well …

General History

Small Planet Communications: A Splendid Little War

Has some interesting articles.

Spanish American War Centennial Website

Fantastic amount of information including uniforms and Timeline. Delves into all aspects of the Spanish American War, including the issues of Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. homefront.

Library of Congress: The Spanish-American War

Quite good. Includes a comprehensive Timeline.

The Press and Spanish-American Relations in 1898 – John Baker

An article on the effects of the Press on Spanish-American Relations in 1898 By John Baker

The Spanish-American War

Contains lots of interesting links to historical accounts

Lincoln Cushing’s Centennial of the Spanish-American War – 1898-1998

Small site by Lincoln Cushing Major US Wars and Military Involvement

Meagan Horan brought this link to my attention. It has great student activities and webquests on U.S. military history.


The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

The war was the first captured by movie cameras and this site has some b&w movies to prove it. They are short, rough, grainy and don’t have any action shots, but it gives the period flavour.

Articles on specific troops/forces

Albert A. Nofi – From ‘Dagoes’ to ‘Nervy Spaniards’: American Soldiers’ Views of their Opponents, 1898

A very good article resurrecting the reputation of the Spanish troops during the war.

Small Planet Communications: Cuban Soldiers

A article resurrecting the reputation of the Cuban Insurgents.

The Rough Riders

A first hand historical account by Theodore Roosevelt.


Arofan Gregory’s Historical Miniatures Wargaming Resource Site

Includes a Painting Guide for the Spanish-American War

The “Splendid Little War”

Miniatures Wargames Rules for the Spanish-American War

Books I know about but haven’t seen yet

Field, Ron. (). Spanish-American War: 1898.

Information on the uniforms and equipment worn with over 150 color plates.

Freidel, Frank. (). The Splendid Little War.

Drawing largely upon memoirs and other first person accounts of soldiers and sailors, Freidel presents a combat history of the Spanish American War. He concludes that American successes in the conflict often resulted from Spanish ineptitude.

Goldstein, Donald M. (). The Spanish-American War: The story and photographs.

Over 450 photographs show what the war was really like.

Linn, Brian M. (). The Philippine War, 1899-1902.

Focusing purely on the military aspects of the war, Linn (history, Texas A&MU.) argues that previous studies of the war have mischaracterized it as having qualities which can only be ascribed to the final few campaigns (i.e. concentration camps).

Millis, Walter. (). The martial spirit.

Describes actions in Cuba, Hawaii, and the Philippine Islands in 1898.

Musicant, Ivan. (). Empire by Default: The Spanish-American War and the Dawn of the American Century.

A history of the Spanish-American War and the rise of imperialism in America in the late 19th century.

Roosevelt, Theodore. (). The Roughriders.

The classic book on the Cuban campaign

Walker, Dale () The Boys of ’98: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

A history of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the “Rough Riders,” and their role in the Spanish-American War.

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