Sources for the Spanish-Moroccan War

A brief annotated bibliography for the Sources for the Spanish-Moroccan War.

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Hardman, F. (1996). The Spanish Campaign in Morocco. Pallas Armata. (Originally published in 1860)

Hardman was the Times correspondent at the headquarters of the Spanish army in Morocco. He spent the entire 1860 campaign with the Spanish Army. This set of four booklets are his collected despatches from the front. They form a good day by day account of the conflict.

Grávalos González, L., & Calvo Pérez, J. (1998). Nuestro Ejército etropolitano en 1885: Regencia de María Cristina. Valladolid, Spain: Quiron Ediciones. [Spanish and German text].

This is a Spanish reprint of a German work called ‘Die Spanische Armee’.published in 1885. The main value of the work lies in the colour illustrations. Knowing German will help, as the original German Text is reproduced in full. There is a brief introduction in Spanish. Unfortunately 1885 is not a notably period in Spanish History, although this book does suggest what the Spanish might have looked like in earlier periods, e.g. 1860 or 1872.

Illustrated London News (10 Nov 1859). The War between Spain and Morocco: The Costumes of the Spanish Army. Illustrated London News, 486-487.

Chris Tubb kindly sent me this article.

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