Soviet Order of Battle for Crossfire

I wanted to know what Regimental and Divisional assets were normal for Russian troops, so developed these Crossfire Orbats based on the TO&E in Zaloga and Ness (2003).

The book is available from Amazon USA, UK, and Canada:

Zaloga, S. J., and Ness, L. S. (2003). Red Army Handbook 1939-1945. Sutton.

It has to be borne in mind that field formations would rarely match the official TO&E, and, in fact, the TO&E were continually adapted to reflect the troops available to the field formations.

So far I’ve got orders of battle for:

General Notes:

  • A Russian PC (+1/0)s provides +1 in close combat, and no modifier for rallying.
  • Artillery and mortars above 60mm are given as off table assets. They can, however, be deployed on table; this is particularly appropriate for Infantry Guns (IG). If on table, they are deployed as specified, and get a bonus +1 PC for each unit (Company or Battalion); these PCs are +1 for both close combat and rallying.
  • In calculating these TO&E I used the official Crossfire figure scale. In particular:
    • One FO for each battery of off-table guns/ mortar – typically 4 guns/tubes.
    • One HMG for each 4 guns.
    • One AT-Rifle bonus for each 3 real AT-Rifles.

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