Standardised AFVs for “Operation Crossfire”

It is Operation Crossfire today and as part of the briefing Nikolas Lloyd has mandated some standardised statistics for the vehicles on both sides. I thought I’d post them to get them into a printable format.

Lloyd provided the stats and observed:

Though some tanks are common, people have different models, and some are using AFV rules tweaks. To simplify this, there will be certain standardised vehicles, with standardised stats. Some of these stats are not exactly those of any AFV in the rulebook, but instead are a compromise between a few tanks

I quite like this approach generally. It contrasts nicely with those rule sets where every characteristic of each vehicle, usually theoretical rather than practical, is modelled in excruciating detail. Crossfire generally avoids that and Lloyd has taken it a step further with a few simple types of tank. There is a hint of AK47 where a tank is a tank is a tank.

Lloyd provided the normal Crossfire stats, i.e. ARM, ACC, PEN, HE/EFF, and HD. I have supplemented these with typical figures for MG, Smoke, Spd, and CC from my Balagan Data Sheets for Crossfire. You only need these if you are using my Balagan House Rules for Crossfire

Type ARM ACC PEN MG HE/EFF Smoke HD Spd CC Represented by
Light tank 2/1 0 -2 4 3/1 Y 2 +3 Stuart, BT-7
Medium tank 4/2 0 0 4 4/2 Y 2 +3 Cromwell, Sherman M4, T34/76
Heavy tank 6/4 0 0 4 4/2 Y 2 +3 Churchill, Pershing, KV-1
Tank destroyer 4/1 +1 +2 4 4/2 Y 2 +2 Achilles, Firefly, M36 Jackson, M10, T34/851
Half track 1/1 4 N 2 +1
ATG +1 +1 3/1 0.5 -2 6pdr, 57mm
Light tank 2/1 +1 -2 4 3/1 Y 2 +3 Pz II, III, R35, Pz 35t
Medium tank 4/2 +1 +1 4 4/2 Y 2 +3 Pz IV, Panther2
Heavy tank 5/3 +1 +2 4 5/2 Y 2 +3 Tiger, Panther2, Royal Tiger
SPG 4/2 +1 +2 4 4/2 N 2 +2 Stug III, Stug IV, Panzerjaeger IV, Jagdpanther
ATG +1 +1 3/1 0.5 -2 Pak 38/40/43



(1) The Soviets didn’t have Tank Destroyers – tanks or assault guns, that’s your lot. But for the purposes of this game Lloyd and I agreed that T34/85s would stand in. The table above does them a disservice because they were proper tanks and armoured accordingly. But for one day I can live with tin foil covered Soviet tank killers.

(2) Panthers appear as both Medium and Heavy tanks in the Axis list. The way Lloyd explained it to me is that if you have Tigers and Panthers, but no PzIVs, you could use Panthers as mediums. If you have Panthers and PzIVs but no Tigers, you could use Panthers as heavies.

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  1. Thanks Steven-hope you had as a good a day as we did.As umpire your summarized stats were useful as a quick ref-simply kept them on the screen..



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