Steven’s Cristinos for the First Carlist War

These are the Cristino troops, i.e. Spanish government forces, I have for the First Carlist War. Nominally for the Battle of Oriamendi using Boina.

Boina Order of Battle

General staff elements (mix of Spanish and British)

1 x C-in-C
2 x Aides
8 x Brigade / Divisional commander

Spanish Line Infantry Regiments (6 battalions)

Princesa Line Regiment (3 battalions)
4th Line Regiment (Infante) (1 battalion)
14th Line Regiment (Zaragoza) (1 battalion)
19th Line Regiment (Castilla) (1 battalion)

Spanish Light Infantry Regiments (2 battalions)

2nd Light Infantry (Voluntarios de Aragon) (2 battalions)

Other Spanish Infantry (5 battalions)

Chapelgorris – use Carlist figures with berets & belly boxes

Oviedo Provincial Infantry Regiment
Segovia Provincial Infantry Regiment
Jaén Provincial Infantry Regiment

Marine Infantry Battalion – No flank companies

Skirmishers (5 Stands)

4th Line Regiment (Infante) Skirmishers
14th Line Regiment (Zaragoza) Skirmishers

2 x 2nd Light Infantry (Voluntarios de Aragon) as Skirmishers

Chapelgorris as Skirmishers


A bunch of photos of my Cristinos taken by John Mclennan and Roland Davis. Roland also painted them. As it happens Roland took his photos before he’d flocked the bases. I did the flags.

Cristino/British C-in-C

Cristino/British Brigade Commander

Cristino/British Aide

Massed Infantry

Massed Infantry

Line Infantry in great coat

Line Infantry in great coat

Line Infantry in great coat

Line Infantry in great coat

Line Infantry in Coatees

Line Infantry in Coatees

Light Infantry in Coatees
which are green, of course
along with the trousers

Chapelorris command stand
I like the motto: “My Noble y Muy Leal“, i.e. very noble and very loyal

Formed Chapelgorris

Chapelgoris skirmishers

P1010621_reina_gobernadora.jpg (130445 bytes)

Reina Gobernadora

P1010623_reina_gobernadora_back.jpg (131364 bytes)

Reina Gobernadora

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