Steven’s Later Carthaginian Army for Field of Glory

I’m interested in the Punic Wars and Roman conquest of Hispania (240 – 20 BC) and Carthaginian was my first ancients army. But that was 20mm and plastic. Now I’m a 15mm guy so I’ve been building up Carthaginian army for the period for 20 years. The army has done service under DBM but more recently using Field of Glory.

The majority of figures are from Essex Miniatures although Chariot Miniatures (now owned by Magister Militum) also appear.

Wayne Turner, Ian Galley, Ross Pirie and I painted the figures based on my Punic Wars Painting Guide using the Black Undercoat Method. Ian did most of the Carthaginians. Ross most of the Gauls, and Wayne the Spanish and Numidians. I also did some of the Numidians and flocked the lot using Sand, Flat Earth paint, and Dry Brushing.

For the Spanish elements of the army see Steven’s Ancient Spanish for Field of Glory.

The photos are from a particular game.

Carthaginian Elephants and supporting troops

Carthaginian Infantry

Numidians and Libyans of Carthaginian left flank

Steven’s Biggest Carthaginian Army

This is the largest army I can field with the figures I’ve currently got painted.

Num BG Troops Type Armour Quality Training Shooting POA Impact POA Melee POA Special Number of bases Point per base BG value Total value
(1) Commander-in-Chief IC CinC 1 80 80 80
(2) Sub-commander TC 1 35 35 70
1 Liby-phoenician Cavalry Cv Armoured Superior Drilled Light spear Swordsmen 4 17 68 68
3 Gallic Cavalry Cv Armoured Superior Undrilled Light spear Swordsmen 4 16 64 192
3 Numidian Cavalry LH Unprotected Average Undrilled Javelins Light spear 4 7 28 84
3 Elephants EL Average Undrilled 2 25 50 150
2 African Spearmen HF Armoured Superior Drilled Offensive spearmen 8 13 102 160
2 Gallic Foot HF Protected Average Undrilled Impact foot Swordsmen 8 7 56 112
1 Spanish Scutarii MF Protected Average Drilled Impact foot Swordsmen 8 8 64 64
1 Poeni Foot MF Protected Average Drilled Light spear Swordsmen 8 7 56 56
3 Numidian Javelinmen LF Unprotected Average Undrilled Javelins Light spear 8 4 32 96
1 Balearic Slingers LF Unprotected Superior Undrilled Sling 6 5 30 30
2 Ligurian Foot MF Protected Average Undrilled Light spear 6 5 30 60
1 Fortified Camp CAMP 24 24 24
23                         1294

For Hannibal in mainland Italy

  • African spearmen become Armour = Armoured and Quality = Superior. I’ve only got 8 stands of these chaps.
  • Gallic Foot become Training = Drilled.
  • Campanian javelinmen and hoplites become Roman style foot with Type = HF and Armour = Armoured. In fact I’d use Roman figures these chaps since the “Roman” figures include Allies such as the Campanians anyway. .

Wish List

To round out my Later Carthaginian army I’d like:

Priority Wish Comment
3 4 figures Iberian Scutarii I’ve got 10 stands (MF 3 figures / stand) and 2 spare figures. I can only field an 8 stand Battle Group and can’t use two of the stands. 4 more figures would give me 12 stands, bring me to the maximum number of stands for the army, and allow me to field two battle groups of six stands.
3 1 rider figure Gallic Cavalry Lost one chap when shipped kit from New Zealand.
3 2 stands Poeni Foot (MF 4 figures / stand) I’ve got four stands so this would give me a Battle Group of 6 stands.
4 2 stands Ligurian foot (MF 3 figures / stand) I’ve got 4 nicely painted stands and 8 badly painted stands. An extra two would give me the minimum for a nicely painted FOG Battle Group.
5 8 stands Celtiberian Scutarii (HF 4 figures / stand) I also need some for my Ancient Spanish Army.
5 4 stands Spanish Cavalry (Cv 3 figures / stand) Since I actually want to field a Carthaginian Army in Spain I need more Spanish. I’ve only got 4 stands of Spanish long shield cavalry so I can either field them in the Ancient Spanish Army or the Later Carthaginian Army but not both.
5 8 stands Italian javelinmen (MF 4 figures / stand) Either Campanian, Bruttian or Lucanian; all Oscan peoples. I’ve got enough for the Mid-Republican Roman Army or the Later Carthaginian Army but not both.
6 6 stands Gallic Foot (HF 4 figures / stand) I have 18 stands and this would take me to the maximum.
6 8 stands Veteran African Spearmen (Armoured HF 4 figures / stand) For the Hannibal in Italy option. I’ve already got 8 stands and but under FOG you need to upgrade all of them so I need another 8.
6 6 stands Ligurian foot (MF 3 figures / stand) I’ve got 4 nicely painted stands and 8 badly painted stands. This would allow me to replace the second Battle Group with nicely painted figures.
6 2 stands Poeni Foot (MF 4 figures / stand) Max Battle Group of 8 stands.
7 2 x Bolt Shooters (HART)


  1. To give me the minimum troops for a Customised List
  2. To give me the troops listed in the Starter Army
  3. To finish a unit that I’ve got some stands for but not enough for a FOG Battle Group
  4. To replace poorly painted figures
  5. To give me enough troops so that I don’t have to share with other armies
  6. To take me to the maximum for that troop type
  7. Just plain greed

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