Steven’s Seleucid Army for Field of Glory

I’m interested in the Rise of Rome and was very happy to pick up Ian Galley’s beautiful Selucid army when he wanted to move to other projects. This army has done service under WRG 6, WRG 7, DBM but more recently using Field of Glory.

The majority of figures are from Essex Miniatures although Chariot Miniatures (now owned by Magister Militum) also appear.

Ian Galley painted the the majority of figures as part of his Seleucid army. Wayne Turner is filling in some gaps for me. Both Ian and Wayne use the Black Undercoat Method. I re-flocked them using Sand, Flat Earth paint, and Dry Brushing to match my other armies.

I intend to supplement my Seleucid army with the appropriate figures to field a Early Successor (Ptolomaic) army and Later Macedonian.

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Shield Colours

According to Head (1982)

  • Argyraspides = Silver shields
  • Chalkaspides = Bronze shields
  • Leukaspides = White shields

Pre and Post 205 BC

205 BC is a significant date for Seleucids in Field of Glory. The is an earlier army list and a later one.

Dates Field of Glory Companion List
323 – 206 BC 3: Immortal Fire: Greek, Persian and Macedonian Wars Early Successor (p. 47)
205 – 63 BC 1: Rise of Roman: Republican Roman at War Later Seleucid (p. 41)

My army is Later Seleucid and I wanted to understand the different options for the earlier period. In fact there are very few significant differences.

  • The main one is in the heavy cavalry; in 205 BC most of the heavy cavalry become heavily armoured Cataphracts.
  • The later army can also have a higher proportion of Superior Pikemen compared to Average Pikemen. In fact the later army can have more Superior Pikemen than average Pikemen!
  • Finally the later army has the option of more rough terrain troops, not particularly good ones, but more. Both armies have Thureophoroi or Thorakitai, Undrilled Medium Foot, and fair number of Light Foot Archers and Slingers. To these the later army adds Civic Militia Thureophoroi and Light Foot Javelinmen.

I’ve another post with the detail on how 205 BC is a significant date for Seleucids

Wish List

To round out my Later Seleucid army I’d need:

  • 6 stands Cataphracts (Ct 4 figures / stand) – completing one BG and getting a second
  • 5 stands Slingers (LF 2 figures / stand)
  • 1 stand Archers (LF 2 figures / stand)
  • 2 stands Arab Camel Archers (Cm 3 figures / stand)


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