SU76i – The Russian StuG III

Ian Gallery painted two Su76is for me for my WW2 using Crossfire. Very nice too. Only trouble is I had no idea what they were when they arrived.

Main Source: Russian Battlefield – SU-76i Assault Gun.

The SU-76i were converted StuG IIIs equipped with a Russian 76.2 mm gun. They were only in use during 1943. Apparently the Russians preferred their SPG to follow tanks into action. According to the commander of the 1902nd Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment (SAP), a unit equipped with SU-76is in 5th Guards Army, “…if tanks and SP-guns could be used on a more massive scale, losses could be reduced significantly.”. During Aug-Sep 1943 the 1902nd SAP participated in 19 separate battles, typically contributing 2 to 7 self propelled guns in each instance.

The SU-76i was used in the following units:

Unit When Vehicles Comments Source
13th Army, Central Front July 1943 16 x SU-76i During Kursk eight vehicles were lost, three of which were burnt-out RB
Voronezh Front July 1943 33 x 76 mm SPG including some SU-76i RB
Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment (SAP), Central Front Orel Offensive 16 x SU-76i
1 x PzKpfw III
1902nd SAP, 5th Guards Army 2 Aug 1943 15 x SU-76i RB
14 Aug 1943 15 x SU-76i
5 x SU-122
14-31 Aug 1943 Destroyed two tanks, nine cannons, twelve machine-guns and over 250 men in five battles RB
Sep 1943 Participated in 14 battles using 2-7 SPG in each. During 20-23 Sep six SU-76is destroyed three German tanks. RB
25 Nov 1943 None Unit had lost all vehicles. RB
1901st SAP and 1903rd SAP Aug – Sep 1943 Some SU-76i Fought in Belgorod-Khar’kov offensive RB
1938th SAP, 7th Guards Army 10 Aug 1943 2 x SU-122
2 x SU-76 (SU-12)
2 x SU-75 (StuG III).
The SU-75 were unconverted. RB
177th Tank Regiment, 64th Mechanised Brigade Oct 1943 SU-76i AP
Nov 1943 40 x SU-76i BP
Supporting the 143rd Rifle Division . 11 Jan 1944 During their advance on Sarny AP
58th Tank Regiment Jan 1944 33 x SU-76i BP

Where the abbreviation for the Source means:

Bill Ponder on TreadHeads Yahoo Group also states “The Red Star was rarely used on Soviet vehicles during the war, except for Lend Lease or captured German armour where it was used prominently as recognition symbols.”

Jason Mark also refers to a SU-76i on Axis History Forum: Rare Captured Soviet-modified Pz III … “In early 1944, however, this vehicle was recaptured by the Germans. In fact, it became part of Pz.Jg.Abt.128 and participated in operations near Krivoi-Rog.” Achtung Panzer: Sturmgeschütz III and IV also mentions the Germans reusing SU-76i vehicles.


SU-76i in 1902nd SAP – A Crossfire Scenario


Achtung Panzer: Sturmgeschütz III and IV

Axis History Forum: Rare Captured Soviet-modified Pz III

Bill Ponder on TreadHeads Yahoo Group

Russian Battlefield – SU-76i Assault Gun.

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