Talk the Talk – A Legends of Al-Andalus Encounter

Many encounters in Legends of Al-Andalus are just a conversation and don’t lead to violence. But with a bad reaction, and this is common against foreigners and hated enemy, violence can result.

Legends of Araby uses an older mechanism for Talk the Talk so I’ve substituted a variation from Warrior Heroes.

Reaction Modifiers

Reaction modifiers for the Player are:

  • +2d6 if you Swept the NPC off their Feet in the past
  • +1d6 if you had a Favourable reaction from NPC in the past
  • +1d6 if you did the NPC a favour in the past
  • +1d6 if you outnumber NPC by 2:1

Reaction modifiers for the NPC are:

  • +1d6 if NPC considers you are a foreigner
  • +1d6 if NPC and you are different ethnicity (Iberian, Arab, Berber, Slav, Negro) or religion (Muslim, Christian, Jew, Pagan)
  • +1d6 if NPC outnumbers you by 2:1
  • +2d6 if NPC became belligerent in the past
  • +2d6 if you are hated enemy – specific to the type of NPC

Determining Reaction

Each party throws REP in 1d6. Each die roll of 1, 2, or 3 = Success; Each die roll of 4, 5, or 6 = Failure.

Talk the Talk Table
Passed die difference Result Typical result
Player scored twice more successes than other side Swept of feet
NPC will join the player’s group for the remainder of the adventure. At the end of the
adventure the player can add Rep in AP.
Player scored more successes than other side Favourable NPC will give the player group either one figure to help until the adventure is over or the
Leader can add Rep in AP at the
end of the adventure.
Player and NPC passed same number of d6 Indifferent No conflict. Parties leave each other in peace
NPC scored more successes than other side Ask a Favour The player agrees to give the NPC group either one figure to help until the adventure is
over, in which case he returns to the player’s group OR the player forfeits Rep in AP at the
end of the
NPC scored twice as many successes as other side Belligerent Open battle.

Example Reaction Table

Each non-player character type will react in a different way. This is just and example:

Reaction Table
Passed die difference Reaction
Swept of feet Will offer you a job either in the Army itself as a regular or as an irregular auxiliary (your choice).
Favourable Will swap information about military matters. You can adjust your next encounter roll by +1, 0 or -1 (your choice)
Indifferent “Have a nice day”
Ask a Favour Will ask you for a voluntary gift of supplies for the troops (2 x Rep in AP). If you don’t cough up they become Belligerent.
Belligerent Takes an instant dislike to you and attack.  Open Battle encounter.

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