The Late Queen: 15mm Wargaming Figures for the Spanish Civil War

The Late Queen are a recent new comer to the list of 15mm figure manufacturers. They specialise in Spanish Civil War (SCW) and essentially want to supplement the existing SCW range from Peter Pig.


The first release includes five packs of early war Italian Cuerpo de Tropas Voluntarias (CTV). The proprietor – Peter Frost – kindly sent me samples for review and I must say they are a delight. The large bulk of the figures wear the early Italian uniform of jacket, trousers, puttees, and Adrian helmet. This makes them useful for 1936-37 Italians, but also for Republicans of any period of the war. (Note: The range isn’t appropriate for late war Italians because in 1937 the CTV began to adopt the uniform of the regular Italian army – use WW2 Italians for 1937-39.) In style, build and height the figures are consistent with the SCW range from Peter Pig. This is a relief for me given I have already have the full range from Mr Oink. If anything The Late Queen are slightly more slender and slightly taller; this will appeal to some gamers as it gives the figures more realistic proportions. The sculpting is detailed and looks a dream to paint. But for me the winning factor are the poses … most figures in each pack have a unique pose. Usually manufacturers offer only 1-3 poses per pack of eight figures, but with the Late Queen you get up to eight distinct poses. If quantity wasn’t enough, you also get quality. The poses themselves are both realistic and generally dynamic, with the riflemen, for example, looking like they are advancing under fire.

All in all an excellent addition to the market and I would recommend the Late Queen to any SCW fans. Apparently Carlists are next figures in the range. I’m looking forward to seeing armed priests!

The range so far comprises:

CTV001 CTV command (8 figs, 8 poses)

Six poses look like standard riflemen, with rifle, puttees, and Adrian helmet. Two of these
figures form a “wavering” vignette; one guy is lying done cowering and the other is standing over
him encouraging him to go forward. Other figures are kneeling and pointing, standing and pointing,
running and shouting, and standing and shouting.

The other two poses are officers with cap and boots rather than Adrian helmet, puttees and shoes.
One is running and drawing his pistol. The other is standing, with a cane, and staring into the

CTV002 CTV infantry (8 figs, 8 poses)

All figures are advancing and have rifle, puttees, and Adrian helmet. Some are cautiously walking with others in a crouching run.

CTV003 CTV light machine guns (8 figs, 6 poses)

All figures are advancing. Three have an LMG and three have rifles. If you look really closely, which I didn’t until Peter from the Late Queen pointed it out, you’ll notice that the LMG lack magazines making them hard to identify as Italian. Peter also pointed out that the riflemen in this pack are intended as ammo carriers but in fact carry no ammo – a point I am not precious about. The thing that I noticed was that although the advancing figures are good there are no shooting/loading figure.

CTV004 CTV medium machine guns (6 figs, 6 poses)

This pack contains two machine gun teams of three figures. The first team is firing with gunner, loader and guy with rifle looking on – all sitting. The other team is unusual in wargaming as it is advancing with a dismantled gun. One figure has the machine gun, another has the tripod and the third, a rifleman, appears to be carrying ammo.

CTV005 CTV light mortars (8 figs, 4 poses)

The last pack has two light mortar teams. The two gunners and one of the loaders are lying down. The second loader is sitting.

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