Timeline for the 1956 Arab-Israeli War

Timeline for the 1956 Arab-Israeli War. Based primarily on Dayan (1965).

Mon 29 Oct

890th Paratroop Battalion parachuted onto Parker Memorial to east of Mitla pass. Remainder of 202nd Paratroop Brigade took Kuntilla in the evening.

Two companies of 9th Infantry Brigade took Ras en-Nakeb in the evening.

Tue 30 Oct

Before dawn the main body of the 202nd Paratroop Brigade took Themed, followed in the afternoon by Nakhel. They leave a company to secure Themed and a full Battalion at Nakhel. At 1800 hours the remainder joined their comrades of the 890th Paratroop Battalion at the Parker Memorial.

Before dawn the 4th Infantry Brigade took Sabha, later they took Kusseima, and later still their Reconnaissance unit moved toward Nakhel.

The 7th Armoured Brigade advanced through Kusseima toward Abu Ageila along two axes:

  1. Towards Um Shihan
  2. Through the Deika defile

In the evening the 10th Infantry Brigade captured Auja Masri and Tarat Um Basis.

Wed 31 Oct

Mordechai Gur lead a strong force from the 202nd Paratroop Brigade into the Mitla pass; they are trapped under heavy fire. Meanwhile Egyptian aircraft attacked the Brigade. Later the Paratroopers cleared the pass of the Egyptian defenders. [Crossfire Scenario]

7th Armoured Brigade captured Abu Ageila cross roads, then Ruafa dam, and then the Jebel Livni cross roads, where they held holds off an armoured counter-attack. They then went on to capture Bir Hassna and sent a reconnaissance up to Mitla.

The 10th Infantry Brigade failed to take Um Katef.

Thu 1 Nov

Before dawn the 1st Golani captured some defence posts at Rafah. In early morning the 27th Armoured Brigade broke through the Rafah defensive positions [Crossfire Scenario]. They then fought the battle of El Jeradi and by night fall were advancing on El Arish.

During the night and early morning the half track battalion of the 37th Armoured Brigade failed to take Um Katef.

Before dawn the 7th Armoured Brigade fought a battle with an Egyptian armoured Brigade combat team at Bir Rud Selim.

One Battalion of 4th Infantry Brigade was transferred to hold Nakhel, replacing the paratroop unit.

9th Infantry Brigade moved to area of Ras en-Nakeb, and sent a reconnaissance up to 40 km south.

Fri 2 Nov

The 202nd Paratroop Brigade sent a reconnaissance to find the route to Ras Sudar. Two companies parachuted at Tor, followed by an airborne landing of a battalion of the 12th Infantry Brigade.

During the morning the 11the Infantry Brigade and a battalion team form 37th Brigade captured Gaza and the northern part of the Strip. They then advanced toward Khan Yunis.

The 9th Infantry Brigade advanced up to 36 km north of Dahab, and a unit from Eilat captured Teba.

The 7th Armoured Brigade fought a tank battle west of Gafgafa then advanced to the Suez Canal on central axis.

The 10th Infantry Brigade captured Um Shihan.

The 27th Armoured Brigade captured El Arish in the morning and then advanced to within 16 km of the Suez Canal.

Sat 3 Nov

Elements of the 202nd Paratroop Brigade seized the oil fields in the Western Sinai, whilst others reconnoitered toward Sharm el-Sheikh.

The 9th Infantry Brigade captured Dahab and moved south. Their reconnaissance unit reached 20 km north of Ras Natsrani.

The 11th Infantry Brigade, supported by the 37th Armoured Brigade, took Khan Yunis.

The 12th Infantry Brigade commenced mopping up operations in Gaza.

Sun 4 Nov

A battalion of the 202nd Paratroop Brigade reaches Tor from Ras Sudar and advances south toward Sharm el-Sheikh.

The 9th Infantry Brigade capture Ras Natrsrani then advance on Sharm el-Sheikh.

Mon 5 Nov

The 9th Infantry Brigade capture Sharm el-Sheikh as the 202nd Paratroop Brigade break in from the south.

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