Timeline of the Conflict in the Hutt 1846

After Hone Heke’s War the focus of the New Zealand Wars shifed to the Hutt Valley near Wellington.

3 Mar 1846

Te Rangihaeta’s warriors begin to harass settlers in the Hutt Valley. At Taita, 14 miles from Wellington, Captian Eyeton’s company of the 96th Regiment drive off a Maori force.

16 May 1846

Summary: 200 Wanganui Maori under Topine te Mamaku attack the most advanced British outpost at Boulcotts Farm, 12 miles up the Hutt Valley from Wellington. Although surprised, the 50 British defenders drive off the Maori after a lengthy fire fight.

Boulcott’s Farm is the most advanced British post in the Hutt valley, being 12 miles from Wellington. The farm is defended by 50 men of the 58th Regiment under Lt Page. The farm occupies a clearing, with three sides fronting heavy bush, and the forth facing the Hutt river; further bush is found on the far side of the river. The farm consists of the farm house, several huts and tents, and a barn. The barn is the mainstay of the defence and is surrounded by a loopholed stockade. Lt Page and his two soldier servants occupy the house, while half the men are in the barn, and the remainder are housed in the huts and tents.

200 Wanganui Maori under Topine te Mamaku attack at dawn, camuflaging themselves with pieces of brush. The sentry notices that some of the brush is moving, fires at it, and then runs for the picket tent, while reloading his musket. The sentry is overtaken by Maori and cut down by a tomahawk.

The Maori surround the picket tent and riddle it with musket balls. The only surviving occupant, drummer boy Willam Allen, emerges and sounds the alarm on his bugle. A Maori warrior hacks at him with his tomahawk, almost removing the boy’s bugle arm. Allen, takes the instrument in his remaining hand and attempts to sound the alarm again. He is hacked down.

The Maori now surround the farm house, where upon Lt. Page and his two soldier servants emerge and start fighting their way to the stockade. They are joined by other soldiers, and reach the relative safety of the fortified barn.

Lt Page organises a sortie. The British form a skirmish line outside the stockade and advance toward the Maori, driving them back. After a lengthy fire fight, a mounted patrol of the Hutt Militia approaches and the Maori withdraw into the bush across the river. The Maori continue to show their defiance by performing haka.

The entire episode lasts 1.5 hours.

See Wargaming Boulcotts Farm.

23 Jul 1846

Te Rauparaha is captured at Plimmerton and taken to Auckland in H.M.S. Calliope.

29 Jul 1846

Te Rangihaeata evacuates Pauatahanui Pa after British attack.

6 Aug 1846

British attack Horokiwi pa (Te Rangihaeata).

13 Aug 1846

Te Rangihaeata abandons Horokiwi pa.


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