Tupi or Tupaia – New World DBA Army List

Tupi or Tupaia (1200-1750) for New World DBA, my New World variant of DBA. Based on DBM IV/29 and DBR III/6. This list covers the coastal tribes of Brazil before until subjugated by the Portuguese. The Tupi were aggressive and warlike cannibals that invaded the Brazilian coast just before the Portuguese arrived. They called their non-Tupi speaking predecessors “Tupaia”, although this actually covered a wide range of languages and groups. The largest Tupaia group were the Gé-speaking tribes only some of whom were cannibals (Waitacá, Aimoré). The coastal Indians fought amongst themselves until the Portuguese arrived, then fought both amongst themselves and against the Portuguese. Indian tactics were simple and effective; after an initial barrage of arrows the entire club wielding mass charged “like bulls”. The Aimoré were unusual in that they had a preference for shooting from ambush then dashing away; this practice also explains the name given to them by their enemies – Aimoré being a Tupi word for “evil people” or “killers”.

Theatres: Brazil
Ag: 2.
Tropical Terrain. 1-2 Compulsory: Woods. 2-3 Optional: River, Marsh, Rough, BUA, and/or Road.
Camp/Stronghold: Stockade around a group of huts

Number Description Troop Type Cost 75 AP Example 90 AP Example
Number Cost Number Cost
12-40 Warriors (Gen) up to 1/2 BdO 3 11 33
rest ShS 5 14 70 11 55
0-1 Scouts Sk 2 1 2 1 2

Only Aimoré

Up to 1/2 Downgrade ShS to Sk Sk -3 1 2
Only from 1575 if Tupi or 1645 if Tupaia
0-7 Skirmishers with firearms, javelins or bows Sk 2
0-1 Cannon Art 15
16 74 23 90

Shooters are counted as superior because they used long powerful bows and were inclined to close; coincidentally this gives the bowmen and clubmen equal factors in close combat, which seems reasonable given they were similarly equipped and had a similar attitude. In fact, as far as I can tell, all of the warriors were armed with both bow and club. I have retained the option for separate clubmen to be consistent with DBM and DBR – it can also represent those warriors who are less inclined to skirmish and more inclined to just get stuck in. I have, however, swapped clubmen to being optional and bowmen to being compulsory.

Warriors, whether BdO or ShS, are Impetuous: Under the same conditions as can Warbands they can move a second or subsequent tactical move during the same bound (p. 9), and must pursue their own base depth when a close combat opponent does a recoil, break-off, flee or is destroyed (p. 11).

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