Vehicle Action Roll Special Rule for Crossfire

Musing on a vehicle action roll as a Crossfire special rule. Standard Crossfire doesn’t include this concept. The comments from a couple of people on the Crossfire Discussion Forum with tanker experience.

James Doty

these are the mods I use since I am not satisfied with the current rules but don’t want to go to the extra detail involved in some other house rules. I also want to allow the unit quality to be the prime determinant in how a vehicle reacts All vehicles get 1 move/fire action per initiative for free. In order to take a second or subsequent move or fire action, must roll 4- 6 on one die.


-1 Green
+1 Veteran
-1 cumbersome vehicle
+1 agile vehicle

If the roll fails, initiative does not pass, but the vehicle is marked with a no move/no fire marker. Group moves are allowed by vehicles within 1 stand width if without radio, or line of site with radio. Group moves still allowed with infantry.

A vehicle may use reverse movement. Must back up straight in reverse, no pivoting before or after allowed.


The following factors should be considered (in order of importance):

1. Crew experience – veteran crews (who will know all the little tricks of the trade, battle expereince etc) will get more actions. 2. Crew Training – better trained crews will get more actions. 3. Morale. Poor morale will mean that the crews will be less aggressive and more prone to abandon the vehicle if something goes wrong. 4. Vehicle factors – mechanical reliablility, design etc

Tim Marshall in response

I agree with your ranking of 1 to 3, but I think vehicle factors is vitally important and is somewhere between or at the same leve as 1 – crew experience and 2 – crew training. My experience in Scorpion and Leopard turrets very early on illustrated the importance of making the crew commander as hands free as possible. In the 2 man Scorpion turret, the commander loads the 76mm. This is relatively simple if the ready bin is stocked – you simply reach behind, pull up a round with one hand and punch it into the breach. But it is an extraordinary amount of time when in action as compared to the Leopard’s 3 man turret where the crew commander can be looking for other targets while the gunner and loader are performing the shoot. I found I was much more “blind” as a result of the extra duties in the Scorpion turret as compared to the Leopard and I vastly preferred the Scorpion’s commanders optics arrangement, at least for daylight sights, as compared to the Leopard.

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