Vehicle mounted Flame Throwers in Crossfire

Some musing on vehicle mounted flame throwers in Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover these.

Nikolas Lloyd variation

Based on ideas by Nikolas Lloyd published in the Crossfire-WWII discussion forum.

  • Attacks stands with 4d6.
  • Arc of fire depends on the type of vehicle and how the weapon is mounted. If not sure then use 45 degree.
  • Range: length of vehicle. May not be used if friendly forces within two base distance of target.
  • Targeted troops must retreat move from them.
  • Target can be a building, or segment of a building complex.
  • If the target is a partially or fully wooden building, or a stand inside such a building, then the building catches fire.
    • All troops must vacate ASAP by retreat moves. The owning player must use their initiative to do these moves before other moves.
    • No new troops can enter the building for the remainder of the game.

Steven’s Thoughts

Man portable flame-throwers are assumed to be used by assault engineers, and these get bonuses in close combat as per the rules. On the other hand vehicle mounted flame-throwers

  • Get a +2 in close combat in addition to other modifiers for being a vehicle.
  • Can close combat stands in buildings (and hardpoints, etc), although it does this by flaming them from outside and the defenders are assumed to be using grenades from the windows in defence (or running for it). The vehicle is moved up to the side of the building and remains outside if the defenders are destroyed.
  • If the vehicle wins a close combat against a building it is assumed to be on fire and can not be occupied for the remainder of the game.

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