Want a replacement for Games Workshop Static Grass? Try Noch or Javis

I’ve been using Games Workshop static grass for quite some time and it has been a steady drain on my pocket. Now I’m thinking of covering large scenery pieces with my normal flocking technique including static grass. Using GW would cripple me. So I’m on the hunt for a compatible but cheaper option.

My starting point was the Static Grass Comparisons by JED on the Antenocitis Workshop blog. The “Green Comparison” shows GW Grass next to Noch Summer and Javis Summer. To my eyes they are more or less identical.

Antenocitis Workshop Comparison of GW, Noch, Javis

Antenocitis Workshop Comparison of GW, Noch, Javis

I did have to do a bit of research on which products “Noch Summer” and “Javis Summer” actually refer to. I found the products have slightly different names to those given by Antenocitis Workshop. The real names are “Noch – Static Grass – Summer Meadow – 2.5mm” and “Javis Static Grass No 2 Summer Mix”. I was also a bit worried when I discovered Noch have multiple grass lengths (1.5, 2.5, 5, and 6mm) but the one we’re interested in is 2.5mm.

The big difference between the brands is in cost. I’ve put the following table together to highlight the difference. Even though Javis comes in small packs it is the cheapest per gram by far (£6 per 100g). The various Noch options are next cheapest with the 100g pack being the best deal (£8.15 per 100g). GW is, well, just silly (£34 per 100g). I have ignored Postage and Packing (P&P) for the purposes of this calculation but obviously this could have a big impact on the net price per 100g.

Brand Name Code Quantity Price Price per 100g
Games Workshop Citadel Grass 15g £5.10 £34.00
Noch Static Grass Summer Meadow N08310 20g £2.10 £10.50
N50190 100g £8.15 £8.15
N08151 120g tub £9.95 £8.29
Javis Static Grass No 2 Summer Mix JHG2 25g £1.50 £6.00

After that insight, and looking again at the comparison by Antenocitis Workshop, I’d say Javis is the clear winner. Just to be sure I ordered packs from both Noch and Javis.

Static Grass by GW, Javis and Noch

Static Grass by GW, Javis and Noch

With all three packs in my hands I flocked some of my hills. I found Javis static grass is slightly darker compared to the other brands.

Hill with Javis Static Grass

Hill with Javis Static Grass

Noch, like GW, is a slightly brighter green.
Hill with Noch Static Grass

Hill with Noch Static Grass

Despite that difference I don’t believe anybody will ever know which brand of static grass I’ve used where. And with Noch and Javis both less than 25% of the GW price, both my wallet and my wife will be happier.

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  • Richard Lawson

    I’ve always used Woodland Scenics static grass, but I can’t say how it compares. It comes in large plastic dispensers. I tend to add it more sparingly, i.e. less of a contrast between the flocked and non-flocked areas.


    • Steven Thomas

      Despite using a lot of Woodlands scenics material I’ve never used their summer grass. I’ve got various shades of their burnt grass but not the actual green one. I guess, in the interests of research, I should fill that gap.

  • Scott "FatalFlaw"

    Thanks Steve!

    This was a very helpful and informative article as well as economical…hehe

    I have used all of the brands above and even some stuff I once received from Antenociti’s Workshop that was unlabeled (probably a mix of Noch and Javis).

    I agree with you on the Javis and probably will mix in a little of the lighter GW stuff, I still have lying around, for more “natural” looking transitions, etc.



  • FWIW I’ve always used Noch and one other (another German model-railroad scenery brand). Never touched the GW stuff because of the price. Haven’t ever seen the Javis stuff myself down here in the antipodes.

    The difference is shade is largely irrelevant as all static grass I’ve seen fades over time (if it sees a reasonable amount of light) so they all tend to become a fairly similar shade…

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Steven Thomas

      Lucky you, “light”. Don’t get much of that here in London. I’ve had to invest in lighting to be able to see my wargaming table so never have to worry about fading colours.

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