Wargaming flags for the First Carlist War

Wargaming flags to use for the First of the Carlist Wars. These flags are intended for using with 15 mm wargaming figures. They correspond to what I know about flags of the war, although where I don’t know specific details I have taken some liberties to get the flags for a complete army. For example, I have used Carlist flag motifs from units that weren’t part of the Carlist Army of the North just to allow more variety.

Note: Spanish flags of the war were quite small (about 1 m per side).

Check out the WarFlags site for printing instructions and advice.

Carlist Army of the North

Alava and Aragon Infantry



Navarra Infantry

Vizcaya and Castilla Infantry


Cristino Army of the North


Thanks to Miguel del Barco for the information on the flags of the British Auxiliary Legion

British Auxiliary Legion & Royal Marine Infantry

Guards Infantry

Guards Cavalry


Infantry 1 including flags for:

1st Line Regiment (El Rey) (3 battalions)
4th Line Regiment (Infante) (3 battalions)
14th Line Regiment (Zaragoza) (3 battalions)
19th Line Regiment (Castilla) (3 battalions)

Infantry 2 including flags for:

Princesa Line Regiment (3 battalions)
2nd Light Infantry (Voluntarios de Aragon) (2 battalions)
3rd Light Infantry (Gerona) (2 battalions)
7th Light Infantry (Reina Gobernadora) (3 battalions)

Infantry 3 including flags for:

National Militia

Volunteer Infantry

Oviedo Provincial Infantry Regiment
Segovia Provincial Infantry Regiment
Jaén Provincial Infantry Regiment
Burgos Provincial Infantry Regiment

Marine Infantry Battalion

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