A Case Study in Balagan Thinking – How I justify collecting Japanese

Musing - Collecting Japanese - Crossfire - Banner

If you didn’t know, Balagan means messy or chaotic. And lately my head has definitely been balagan. I’m trying to justify building up a Japanese force for Crossfire. I’m trying to find ways to fit the Japanese into my Official Focus of Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, and Israel. I’ve got to say, it ain’t easy. But with quite a lot of mental gymnastics I might manage it.

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The Battle of Kadesh in David Rohl’s New Chronology

Battle of Kadesh - Phaoroh attacking

The Battle of Kadesh is the first battle in history for which we have detailed accounts of what happened. It features two of the middle eastern heavy weights – Egypt and Hatti – battling it out for supremacy. It also features bit players that would subsequently stand out on the world stage – tribes that would constitute the Sea Peoples fought on both sides at Kadesh. And, if you follow the New Chronology proposed by David Rohl, Pharaoh was rescued by Elite Israelites from Solomon’s Kingdom.

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Infiltration, Insurgency and Counter Measures in the Arab-Israeli Wars

Infiltration of national borders has been a component of the Arab-Israeli conflict, for example, during 1949-53 the Arabs organised over 3,000 infiltrations and in 1949-56 over two hundred Israelis were killed by mistanenim. The general name for this conflict is the Terrorist War, however, the War of Attrition (1968-70) also saw many infiltrations. I have grouped them together as the military operations were very similar.

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