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I purchased Field of Glory (FoG) in the hope that it will allow me to bring my Ancients and Medieval armies out of the cupboard. The flurry of activity was fun but I ended up disappointed with the rules. Very slow to play and provided unsatisfactory results. That didn’t stop me buying Field of Glory Renaissance. But it did stop me every playing FoGR.

What DBA Troop Type are Sea People Warriors?


In DBA 2.2 the Sea People warriors are classified as Blades. I’m not sure that is right. Truth to tell I’m not sure it is wrong either. But I do think it worth poking a stick at.

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Who Were the Gardingi in Visigothic Spain? And were they armoured?

DBx and FOG are wrong. The gardingi were personal military retainers of the Visigothic king. They were wealthy and led their own retainers into battle. Given they were wealthy, and a military elite, they probably fought mounted. And in an army where even some slaves wore armour, it is beyond belief that these palatine officials were unarmoured.

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What DBA Troop Type are New Kingdom Egyptian and Hittite Close Fighters?

What DBA Troop Type are New Kingdom Egyptian Close Fighters and Hittite Empire Spearmen? Not what DBA v2.2 says. This seems another example, like Viking versus Saxon, where two armies had the same types of troops and DBA classifies them differently.

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What Wargaming Rules to use for the Fall of Rome and Dark Ages?

What wargaming rules to use for the Fall of Rome and the Barbarian Kingdoms? I’ve considered DBA, HOTT, FOG, and Commititus.

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Nordlingen – A Field of Glory Renaissance Scenario

I quite like the idea of playing Nordlingen. This order of battle was from From Slitherine Forum: Nordlingen After Action Report. I have:

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Army Lists for Field of Glory Renaissance

Fields of Glory Renaissance has a collection of army list books.

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30 Years War Starter Armies for Field of Glory Renaissance

I’ve got a Dutch army and the majority of a Spanish army for the 30 Years War (and 80 Years War). The Dutch didn’t fight many open battles during this period so I’m wondering what I can use my existing figures for. That’s what the table below is for.

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30 Years’ War Spanish – 600 Point Armies for Field of Glory Renaissance

I’ve got most of the figures necessary for a Spanish army for the 30 Years War and 80 Years War in Field of Glory Renaissance. The Spanish of this period are represented by two army lists in the army list book Wars of Religion: Western Europe 1610-1660: Later Imperial Spanish (1621-59) and Thirty Years’ War Peninsular Spanish (1635-59). Both, of course, have a starter army. The armies are fairly similar but they’re not what I’m looking for. I want an army for the Battle of Rocroi (1643).

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Playing the Fall of Hispania Campaign

Visigothic nobles

I’ve been reflocking my Fall of Roman armies and wanted to take them for a spin. I prefer scenarios but these are unusual in this period, pick up games being more common. I decided to put our pick up games in a context and came up with the Fall of Hispania Campaign mechanism.

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409 AD Alans versus Dominate Roman Battle Report

Chris Harrod and I started playing the Fall of Hispania Campaign. Chris rolled Alans and I got Dominate Roman. The rules were Field of Glory.

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Fall of Hispania Campaign

I’m in the process of re-flocking my Fall of Rome armies. I’ve mostly done the Alans, Huns, and Germanic Cavalry (Visigoths, Vandals, Suevi). Now I’ve got the the Germanic foot horde to do. Romans later.

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Germanic Lancer versus Light Spear Cavalry in Field of Glory

I was wondering why some Germanic cavalry during the Fall of Rome and Barbarian Kingdoms are counted as lancers in Field of Glory and some as light spear. It isn’t clear to me why the Early Frankish, Alamanni, Burgundi, Rugii, Suebi or Turcilingi and the Gardingi of the Later Visigoths count as light spear rather than lancer like the rest. Or vice versa.

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How to Search the Field of Glory Forum

In Nov 2009 Slitherine removed the search function from the Field of Glory Forum. The entry Field of Glory Official Forum (Slitherine Software): Search Function? has a work around.

Field of Glory Terrain

I’ve made customised Gullies and Area Terrain Templates, supplemented by commercial kit, to use in my Field of Glory (FoG) games.

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Punic War 3 – A Field of Glory Battle Report

This is the third Field of Glory game that Chris Harrod and I have tried. I took Later Carthaginian and Chris took Mid Republican Roman. In fact all three games have been with the Later Carthaginian and Mid Republican Roman 600 point Starter Armies. All have been good games and seemlngly good simulations of Punic War battles. On the down side they have been quite slow. 5.5 hours for the first one and 4.5 hours for the second – both of which were played to completion. We only had 3.5 hours for the third game and didn’t come near a

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