Why Two Hour Wargames Appeals

I was looking into options for Solo Wargaming and discovered references to Legends of Araby by Two Hour Wargames (THW). Their games are based on the mechanisms of Chain Reaction 3.0 (free) and are pitched as RPG-lite, i.e. role playing games without the book keeping. In fact they are fairly brutal skirmish level wargames with some flavour thrown in.

The THW games appeal to me because:

  • They are quick. They claim even a giant game takes less than 2 hours.
  • They have a low cost of entry. Chain Reaction 3.0 and Chain Reaction 3.0 Swordplay are free and you can start with just a handful of figures.
  • At 15mm, my preferred scale, you can play games on a 2′ x 2′ table.
  • But most significantly, and this is how I found them, their games often come with campaign systems so you can link together your games.

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