WW2 Painting Guides

There are lots of painting guides for World War II out there – both on-line and books – so why another one? Well, it started because most of my WW2 kit was painted by my mate Roland Davis and on the off chance he stopped painting I wanted to be able to reproduce what he’d done – in colours if not in quality. Then as I started painting more I wanted inspiration.

I have WW2 painting guides for

Other places to look

Andy O’Neill has a useful guide on WW2 European theatre uniforms and a gallery to illustrate it.

Battle Front have a variety of painting guides, all of which are useful in one way or another:

Gladiator Games has a guide to World War II uniforms using Coat D’Arms paints. Personally I don’t trust this, as they seem to have believed the label on the jar rather than looking at the colour inside the bottle.

Paul Scrivens-Smith –
A fast WWII painting guide
SHQ Miniatures: Painting Guides

TMP: WWII Painting Guides

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