Revised Random Tank Table for Crossfire

Standard Crossfire uses a random roll to determine the type of tank that you get for your 9 points. The tables given in the rules seem a bit naff, so I’ve built my own based on production information I could find on the net (see What Weapons When). I feel these gives more representative results than the tables in the standard rules.

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Multiplayer Pocket – A Three Table Crossfire Scenario

Multi-player Pocket - Crossfire - Banner

I was asked to run a one-day Crossfire game for 6-8 members of the Guildford Wargames Club. This is what I came up with. It was designed to use all the WW2 / Eastern Front infantry I had at the time – one battalion a side – plus supporting equipment, however, with play testing I decided to increase the forces of each player to at least 1 company. This meant the total forces on each side ended up being 4 Infantry Companies + 1 Infantry Platoon + 2 AFV + 2 or 3 ATG.

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