Converting Rapid Fire to Crossfire

There are quite a few Rapid Fire scenarios out there and I find them quite useful starting points for making Crossfire scenarios. Rapid Fire is a higher level of abstraction (Brigade or Regiment) than normal Crossfire games (Company to Battalion) so the games produced will be large in Crossfire terms. This is fine for the bunch of guys I play with but won’t appeal to those of you more interested in Company level actions.

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Revised Points System for Crossfire Armour

Rule - Balagan Points System - Crossfire - Banner

In Crossfire all tanks have the same point cost even though they have different characteristics. Similarly for armoured personnel carriers (APC) and anti-tank guns (ATG). The idea is you pay the standard points cost and then roll dice to see what type of tank/gun you get for your points. It is a bit like a lottery … buy your ticket and see what you win.

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