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Seestrasse Sector in “Operation Crossfire” – The Scenario

Seestrasse Sector Map in Operation Crossfire

Here is the scenario should you want to play the Seestrasse Sector of Operation Crossfire. It is pretty much all the work of Nikolas Lloyd – the genius architect of Operation Crossfire. I have simply collated material from various emails and put them into my scenario format. I’ll post a Battle Report shortly.

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3 Round Normandy – A Three Game Crossfire Campaign

Normany 3 round campaign

This is a 3 Round Campaign set during the Normandy Campaign of 1944 with Crossfire as the tactical rules. I threw it together because Dick Bryant was interested in how to run my Kursk 3 Round outside the Eastern Front.

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Photos from SELWG 2013 – Crossfire and Carlist Participation Games

Four Crossfire Games at once

Last Sunday I helped put on a Crossfire participation game at SELWG 2013. I took a few shots of the Crossfire games and of the Carlist War table just behind us.

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Astrang Crossings – A Crossfire Battle Report

The Kingston Irregulars tried my Astrang Crossings Scenario.

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WW2 Painting Guide: Fallschirmjaeger

Fallschirmjaeger P1020232 1st Company 3rd Platoon F-1-3 Squad

I needed a painting for my Fallschirmjaeger in a hurry – so Roland Davis could paint some more. So I took some snaps of my existing figures. This is one of my WW2 Painting Guides.

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Malmedy – A Crossfire Battle Report

Dick Bryant sent through a battle report for my Malmedy Scenario. In fact he has played it twice (Game1 and Game2) but has only provided some summary comments for the second game.

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Firestorm Campaign

The Firestorm Campaigning system is from the BattleFront crew. I haven’t actually seen Firestorm Bagration – the book with the campaign system in it – but there is a fair bit publically available and it is fairly easy to fill in the gaps. I wanted to figure out whether the system would be applicable to game systems other than Flames of War, specifically Crossfire, so this page is what I could deduce about the campaign system from what I could find and filling the gaps myself.

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2-3 Companies a Side – A Generic Crossfire Scenario

Table 2 to 3 Companies

A generic Crossfire scenario for WW2 with three companies attacking two.

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2 Companies a Side – A Generic Crossfire Scenario

Table 2 Companies

A generic Crossfire scenario for WW2 with two companies a side.

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Hit the Dirt – Scenarios for Crossfire

Hit the Dirt Cover

Hit the Dirt is the only supplement to Arty Conliffe’s Crossfire rules.

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Astrang Crossings – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Astrang Crossings

This Crossfire scenario simulates the attempt by surrounded Germans to break through the British 5th Seaforths at the Astrang Crossings on 29 Mar 1945. See also the Battle Report provided by Dick Bryant.

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Zerstorer – A Crossfire Scenario

Table Zerstorer Scenario

This is a fictional Crossfire scenario with the allies discovering a secret German installation a new secret weapon is being developed – the “Zerstorer” or the title. Based on Hingely (2006) .

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No-mans land – A Crossfire Campaign

A version of No-mans land – A Mini-Campaign, adapted to Crossfire.

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No-Mans Land Mini-Campaign

This is a skirmish level mini-campaign set in no-mans land on a fairly static front. It is applicable to any period (see the possible settings). Each player is a junior commander whose job is the patrol and control the area between the opposing forces. Over three game days and nights each player must plan and execute 6 missions from a predetermined list. The interest lies in the fact that each player is picking from a different list to that of his opponent. The key problem being addressed is “How does a commander react when faced with events not covered by

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Infantry Unit Frontages during WW2

I wanted to get an idea of the ground scale in Crossfire so I started with an analysis of frontages from WW2. In general it seems that defensive frontages were wider than offensive. For example, a company would attack on same frontage as one defending platoon. I’m a bit sceptical of the frontages given in Lucas (1982) – they just seem too narrow compared to those mentioned in other sources. The discussion refers to various Infantry Formations such as line, broad wedge, etc.

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