Alternative Chacabuco – A Liberators QPR Battle Report

Chacabuco-142 Escolta del General, Horse Grenadiers and Cazadores de los Andes - Banner

To celebrate the completion of my Liberators armies Andrew Coleby and I played the Alternative Chacabuco scenario from Fletcher (2006) using the Liberators QPR. Andrew was the Patriots / Argentineans. I was the Royalists / Spanish. Our biggest problem is that we only get to play in two hours sessions and this game was split over two sessions.

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Markers for the Liberators Quick Play Rules

The supplement to Liberators (Fletcher, 2006) includes a set of Quick Play Rules (QPR). The rules have a “disorder” status and use a casualty figure to indicate this. They use figure/base removal to indicate casualties. I’ve changed this a bit. Instead of figure/base removal I use a casualty marker with numbered sides (1 to 4) to indicate the casualties. Separately I use a small skull to represent disorder.

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