Zimba – New World DBA Army List

Zimba (1494-1590) army list for New World DBA, my New World variant of DBA. Based on DBR III/8. The Zimba were of several east African pagan peoples, the Zimba were cannibals first encountered by Europeans as they emerged from the African interior and attacked the coastal inhabitants. Zimba warriors carried bows, poisoned arrows and fire-hardened wooden spears and small wooden shields. They captured Mombsa in alliance with the Portuguese in 1589, but were destroyed by the Segeju in 1590.

Theatres: Africa
Ag: 4
Tropical Terrain. 1-2 Compulsory: Woods. 2-3 Optional: River, Marsh, Rough, BUA, and/or Road.
Camp/Stronghold: Boma = Fortified village or camp, or livestock enclosure

Number Description Troop Type Cost Example Army
Number Cost
9-23 Warriors (Gen) BdS 5
0-1 Youths Sk 2
0-1 Elders ShO 3
0-1 Portuguese Adventurer with Slaves ShE 7
0-12 Warrior Archers ShO 5

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