1817-18 Chilean Project: Phase 4 Battle of Maipo 5 Apr 1818

Phase 4 of my 1817-18 Chilean Project is the Battle of Maipo (5 Apr 1818).

Phase 4a: Patriot

By Phase 4 we’ve just got to round out the Patriot army with some more artillery.

Origin Name Flag Stands Figures Figures Comments
Men Horses Guns Total
Chilean Infantes de la Patria Battalion 8 24 24 PSU-003 Chile Infantry 1817-1823 UNIT PACK
Argentine Artillery (8lb) 2 6 2 8 PS-020 Argentina Artillery Crew
PRNS-013 8lbr Field Gun (2 guns)

I am using a slightly different Orbat to Fletcher (2005) based on thoughts on the Cazadores a Caballo:

Current Orbat Suggested replacement
1 Squadron Argentine Cazadores a Caballo (120-regular) 1 Squadron Chilean Escolta Cazadores a Caballo (119-regular) 1 Squadron Argentine Cazadores a Caballo de la Escolta del General (120-regular) 1 Squadron Chilean Caballeria Cazadores de la Escolta Directorial (119-regular)

Phase 4b: Royalists

No new units.

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