A Platoon’s Lines of Fire in Crossfire

Some musing on a platoon’s lines of fire in Crossfire. I wondered how different Unit Formations applied to Crossfire. One criteria to measure them is Lines of Fire; more fire is better. In this case I’ve depicted the number of stands that the platoon can bring to bear in various Unit Formations. In other words, it shows how many squads can fire if the platoon is using a crossfire in shooting. Remember squads only shoot forward in a crossfire and all shooting is front the centre of the stand, but the line of fire can’t cross any part of a friendly stand..

In all cases, red = 3 squads can form a crossfire into that zone, yellow = 2 squads, and white = only 1 squad (although you might have choices about which squad).

Platoon in V

Platoon in Wedge

Platoon in Line – squads clustered

Platoon in Line – squads spread out

It makes a big difference how far apart the squads are. The further apart the wider the combined arc of fire.

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