Crossfire Clarifications by Arty Confliffe from 2001

Back in the days when there was no Crossfire Yahoo forum, and we shared a forum with the Spearhead guys, John Moher posted some Crossfire clarifications from Arty Conliffe. Tim M. hosted these clarifications until his site closed down a couple of years ago. I thought they are useful for the community so have reposted them here.

Group Moves

The age old question, finally resolved!

Subject: [SH/CF] Answer: John – A Q for Arty? CF Group Moves
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 19:43:05 +1300
From: “John Moher”
> John Moher, it appears you have contact with Arty – can you please ask him a CF question?

> This is an issue that pops up all the time: WRT group moves, it’s hard to interpret 4.2. What it says is:

> “Group move Procedures
> “The Phasing player indicates any Squad/HMG, PC or CC as the Group Leader (GL). All other Squads/HMGs within 1 stand of the GL are also eligible to move….”

>Does this mean:
> 1) you have to specify initially which squads are going to participate and that they *all* must try to move, regardless of whatever happens with reactive fire on the first squad?

YES, they must as the operation is technically simultaneous but for ease we
execute the operation one squad at a time. And as stated each squad must
indicate its path. Then move them one at a time as per indications.

The risk/reward is that all squads move regardless of what happens to the


NO FIRE & The Phasing Player

Subject: [SH/CF] Re: A Crossfire Q for Arty?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 09:57:31 +1200
From: John Moher
To: “Spearhead”

Hi, for the Crossfire Players out there, here is Arty’s response to this question that was raised and discussed a couple of weeks ago….
> Is NO FIRE only relevant to Reactive Fire?? or does it effect Phasing Fire.

Yes. It affects only REACTIVE FIRE.


Pivot As Part of Move Action

Subject: [SH/CF] Crossfire Clarification from Arty
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 09:05:54 +1200
From: “John Moher”
To: “Spearhead”


Re: Pivoting

Since all (non-pivoting) movement is straight ahead–in the direction a squad is facing–it is often necessary to make a pivot as *part* of a move action.

The pivot and move counts as a single action–a single move action. The pivot is not a separate action except when the pivot constitutes the entire intended move.

For Reactive Fire, the second that a squad begins its pivot–as part of *any* move action–it is may be fired upon by those eligible to perform Reactive Fire.

Arty Conliffe

Vehicles, Pivots & Moves

Subject: [SH/CF] FW: JOHN! 8) was Re: Crossfire Rule Question
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 19:54:46 +1200
From: “John Moher”
To: “Spearhead”

Vehicles are a bit different when all they can do is perform a pivot only OR move straight. That was what is meant by the following in my clarification:

“The pivot and move counts as a single action — a single move action. The pivot is not a separate action except when the pivot constitutes the entire intended move.”

> Arty specifically refers to squads… have my rule book handy at all…

I believe all else applies.


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