Dick Bryant’s Fire Mission (FM) Cards for Crossfire

Dick Bryant tried to respond to my post on Custom Fire Mission (FM) Markers for Crossfire. He wanted to share a photo of his own customer FM markers but couldn’t do that in a comment. So, in lieu of a comment, I’ve posted his ideas here.

Dick says:

I use a small ‘card’ that I has all the pertinent data on it. They are set up with the max number of FMs. I then cut some off to meet the requirement of the scenario and only the no. of FMs that that FO has are left.

The player then tears off a pre-cut FM every time he fires.

I got the idea from people leaving detachable phone numbers in adds posted on bulletin boards.

Notice that Dick has specified four of the maximum 12 FM as “Smoke” with the remainder as barrage.

Dick Bryant's Arty Ammo Cards
Dick Bryant’s Arty Ammo Cards

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    • I think your solution is very elegant. It only requires printing out the required number of pages before the game.


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