Do I have enough Ruins?

I have been collecting, making, and painting Ruins for quite some time. All for my long term Stalingrad project. So I thought I’d get all my ruined buildings, rubble piles, and shell holes out and see if I had enough. What do you reckon … do I have enough ruins?

I filled a 8′ x 4′ table. And despite packing in the pieces fairly closely I still had some spare pieces still in boxes.

As you can see I have a lot of spares. I probably could have filled a 12′ x 4′ table. Perhaps more.

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  • Rocco

    Looks great. Love the taller ruins, something I need. But I believe you have far too much already. Remember a city is not all buildings. There are still parks, cemetery, town centers, lawn areas, wider streets, statues, train tracks or yard, buildings with more space around them and some existing buildings undamaged. The list could go on and on. Also try using a mixed ballast for rubble. The look is impressive. Especially in the streets. Still the table looks very impressive.

    • Steven Thomas


      I agree about spaces, but, in this case, I was just trying to get as much on table as I could. Obviously I failed to get everything on. And I didn’t even bother with non-ruins, although I could have, e.g. railway lines, statues, whatever.

      I have some intact buildings but, for Crossfire, ruins are much more convenient to play in/with.

  • Jose Manuel Ventura

    Never enough ruins, but you have a lot mate. Perhaps if only filling the table with those multistory buildings and leaving off the ruined isbas, you could get a better picture. Still a lovely table to fight on.

  • You could start gaming in make-believe country called Ruin-ation!

  • Brooks

    I think the real question is “do you have enough troops to cover that frontage?”!

    • Steven Thomas

      Don’t you worry. I have three CF battalions of soviets and two battalions of Germans. I’m pretty sure I can fill the table with troops.

  • trick question there are never enough ruins! 🙂 Absolutely beautiful collection!

  • Personally, I don’t think you need to be ruin’ the amount of stuff you have collected….

  • Jon

    Ruins are like trees, never enough

  • Great table of ruins. The good thing with having a lot is you can vary the battlefield and not be fighting over the same apartment building all the time.

  • Steve

    Very impressive collection. I must agree, the tall buildings look real nice. Wish I had half that many ruins, but there’s not enough time between painting figures and vehicles to get them all done.

  • miltiades

    I am amazed… have not seen anything like this before

  • Jon Yuengling

    Also perfect for Beirut 1982

    • Steven Thomas

      I have 1982 aspirations. But, sadly, I suspect Beirut wold be more concrete and less brick. However, in the interests of finish projects within the constraints of one lifetime, I might be forced to comprise on the colour of the ruins. 🙂

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