El Mercenario Gallery of 28mm First Carlist War Figures

Javier Gómez aka “El Mercenario” is the painter the Perry Brothers use for their 28mm Carlist War range.

Perry Brothers

Javier kindly got in touch and sent through a few photos (with the permission of the Perry’s). Beautiful work … the painting, the figures and the scenery.

merc001_carlists.JPG (619949 bytes)


merc005_carlists.JPG (837373 bytes)


merc002_carlists.JPG (719541 bytes)


merc004_carlist_command.JPG (643550 bytes)

Carlist Command

Battle of Aranzueque

More recently Javier put on a demonstration game at a show in Spain (Atlantica).

merc762_cabrera_and_don_carlos.jpg (87270 bytes)

Cabrera and Don Carlos

merc764_isabelino_line_cav.jpg (243465 bytes)

Isabelino Line Cavalry

merc766_espartero_and_adc.jpg (311447 bytes)

Espartero and ADC

merc767_isabelino_line_inf_and_national_militia.jpg (317232 bytes)

Isabelino Line Infantry
and National Militia

merc772_isabelno_light_inf_and_carlists.jpg (372355 bytes)

Isabelino Light Infantry and Carlists

merc773_carlist_tortosa_battalion.jpg (346490 bytes)

Tortosa Battalion

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