I made up Cards for Crossfire Missions v2

I designed the PDF of Mac’s Missions v2 – Revised Pick up games for Crossfire so that players can make up a set of cards.

Crossfire Missions v2 as Cards
Crossfire Missions v2 as Cards

The cards are:

  • Crossfire Missions v2 Instructions
  • 6 x Mission cards
  • 4 x Soviet Order of Battle Cards
  • 4 x German Order of Battle Cards

Instruction Card: Handy to have the instructions on a card for easy reference.

Mission Cards: Each player randomly chooses one of the mission cards and keeps the chosen card secret. Choosing from the same pool of cards guarantees that the players get different missions. Each card contains a description of the mission and the victory conditions. The unchosen mission cards are put in a corner face down so the players don’t know which missions have been selected.

Order of Battle Cards: The players must agree who is Soviet and who is German, or perhaps roll a die. Then the players each choose an order of battle card from the four possibilities for their nationality. Once again the unchosen order of battle cards are put face down in a corner.

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