Painting a 15mm knocked out T-34 as a Crossfire objective

I seem to be collecting potential objectives for Crossfire in the form of wrecked vehicles. Last time it was a wrecked Portuguese staff car. Before that was a crashed Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (stork). This time the objective is a destroyed T-34/76.

The Model

The model is the Peter Pig – Range 8 “Russians” – 575. Destroyed T34. Early version (resin)

T-34 Objective 864 Right-Rear
T-34 Objective 864 Right-Rear

I didn’t do anything to the model except paint it.

T-34 Objective 860 Left
T-34 Objective 860 Left


For the vehicle itself I basically used the same approach I used for the Recce Vehicles for the Portuguese Colonial War as the Soviet and Portuguese colour schemes are identical. Of course the crew have a different uniform, in this case grey overalls with a leather helmet. And I also had to do the tracks – its a tank – and ground (using Flocking Wargaming Figures with Flat Earth and Dry Brushing).

T-34 Objective 861 Front
T-34 Objective 861 Front

The steps in order:

  1. Undercoat in black
  2. Paint vehicle Vallejo (096) 70.894 Camouflage Olive Green [Coat D’Arms 226 Olive]
  3. Dry brush vehicle Vallejo (082) 70.967 Olive Green [Coat D’arms 513 Faded Olive]
  4. Repaint road wheels and tracks black
  5. Dry brush the tracks with a 50/50 mix of black and Vallejo (179) 70.863 Gunmetal grey
  6. Paint ground Tamiya Flat Earth (XF-52)
  7. Dry brush ground Vallejo (123) 70.847 Dark Sand
  8. Dry brush vehicle and ground Vallejo (007) 70.837 Pale Sand
  9. Repaint crew black
  10. Paint crew overalls Vallejo (166) 70.994 Dark Grey
  11. Dry brush crew overalls Vallejo (154) 70.989 Sky Grey
  12. Paint crew helmet leather (I can’t remember what I used now)
  13. Dry brush ridges on crew helmet Vallejo (007) 70.837 Pale Sand
  14. Paint crew skin Vallejo (017) 70.815 Flesh Tone
  15. Dust tracks, road wheels and some vehicle body using MIG-PIG-P028 MIG Pigment – Europe Dust
  16. Varnish with Army Painter Anti-shine Matt Varnish
  17. Glue on static grass

That’s it. You can mix up the order a little bit depending on what is wet at any one time.

T-34 Objective 862 Right
T-34 Objective 862 Right

Now what?

The big question is how will I use it? What is a suitable scenario premise for a knocked out tank? Is it a friendly tank or enemy? Why is it an objective? Where would be it placed on table. Who is looking for it?

T-34 Objective 863 Rear
T-34 Objective 863 Rear

For my Papa Eicke – A Crossfire Scenario the wrecked Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (stork) was in enemy territory and the Germans had to recover the body of their beloved leader. This lead to quite a good game. But the beloved leader aspect doesn’t quite transfer to a wrecked T-34. There were lots of wrecked T-34s during the early war. What makes this one special?

T-34 Objective 865 Right-Front
T-34 Objective 865 Right-Front

4 thoughts on “Painting a 15mm knocked out T-34 as a Crossfire objective”

  1. This is great! You just gave me an idea for a Chain of Command Jump Off Point. Though it is sick in the extreme(when did that ever stop a wargamer) A burned out German tank with the charred body of the commander in the turret! Another mission for your tank may be to check rumors that it has a newly invented system aboard (aiming, firing, etc) that makes is better.

  2. I use destroyed tanks as clue markers. When an opponent is presented with a destroyed vehicle he has to place it within LOS of one of his hidden AT units. Or in a hidden minefield. It doesn’t exactly give away the hidden weapon, but provides a clue to go with caution. This promotes lots of damaged vehicles! Or, they are just great terrain pieces the provide cover.


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