Reformatted DBA-RRR French Army List (Italian Wars 1494-1559 AD)

Following my reformatting of the DBA-RRR army list for the Spanish, I’m now doing their main opponents … the French of the the Italian Wars. The aim is to: (1) more closely match the style of other DBx army lists; (2) to understand them better with a view to perhaps tweaking them in the future; (3) know what to buy/build/paint.

2 Italian Wars French. 1494-1559 AD

Ag: 3

Select 12 elements from the following:

2-3 x Kn (g) Ordonnance gendarmes1
0-3 x Kn Ordonnance archers1
0-1 x LH Mounted crossbowmen
0-1 x LH Italian mounted arquebus
1-4 x Sh Aventuriers with arquebus
0-3 x Can Heavy and or field guns

Only 1494-1512 and 1523-1559AD:
2-4 x Pk Swiss pikemen2
0-1 x Sk Swiss skirmishers2

Only 1494-1496AD:
Replace all LH Italian mounted arquebus with LH Italian mounted crossbow

Only 1494-1522AD:
Replace all Sh Aventuriers with arquebus with Sk Aventuriers crossbowmen

Only 1496-1559AD:
0-1 x Kn Italian elmeti
0-2 x LH Argoulets with crossbow
0-1 x LH Stradiots
0-2 x Sh Italian arquebusiers

Only 1513-1559AD:
0-2 x Pk Aventurier or Italian pikemen
0-3 x Pk Landsquenet pikemen

Only 1494-1535AD:
0-4 x Pk Old bands of Picardy and Piedmont

Only 1536-1559AD:
0-1 x (2 x Pk + 1 x Sh) Legions of Picardy and Piedmont

Only 1544-1559AD:
0-1 x Dr Foot arquebusiers mounted on nags

(1) The number of Ordonnance archers may not exceed the number of Ordonnance gendarmes.
(2) The Swiss skirmishers must be taken if all four Swiss pikemen are taken.

Additional Troop Types

the following conversions to ‘standard’ DBA were made:
Kn = all Ln elements and Pi (F)
Pi = Pi (S) and Pi (O)
Cv = Cv, Pi (I), and all Si
Cm = All Camels other than Cm (F) LCm = Cm (F)
Sh = all Shot elements (S, O, F, I) A x = Wb (I)
Lit = WWg (I)
Gun = Art (F, I, X)
Can = Art (S,O)


Aguilar, T. (2012). DBA-RRR: Renaissance, Reformation and Restoration 1500-1700 Extension Rules v. 1.21. FADBAG Yahoo Group.

This 1500-1700 period extension is intended to enhance the De Bellis Antiquitatis v. 2.2 rules set (hereafter referred to as DBA) written by Wargames Research Group. It in no way is meant to replace, duplicate or infringe on the copyright of that product.

This is not a complete game. A set of the DBA v. 2.2 rules is required for play.

Aguilar, T. (trans.) (2011). DBA-RRR: Renaissance, Reformation and Restoration Army Lists v. 1.21. FADBAG Yahoo Group.

This extension is to be treated as an addition to the standard De Bellis Antiquitatis v. 2.2 rules with some additional troop types.

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