Sources for the Battle for Moscow 1941

An annotated bibliography for Moscow 1941.

Braithwaite, R. (2006). Moscow 1941: A city and its people at war. Profile Books.

Braithwaite has a lot of information on Moscow during 1941 but relatively little of a direct military nature.

Jones, M. (2009). The Retreat: Hitler’s first defeat. John Murray.

Jones has a similar style of Braithwaite. He focuses more on military affairs but it is hard to pull out coherent information on military activity.

Wikipedia: Battle of Moscow

Books to find

Bek, A (1944). Volokolamsk Highway.

Aleksandr Bek fought in the 8th voluntary division “Krasnaja Presnja” in the defence of Moscow. Although a “novel” the book describes his battalion’s experiences on the highway to Moscow near Volokolamsk. Volokolamsk Highway is hard to find, or at least expensive to obtain, but SovLit have a Summary of Volokolamsk Highway.

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