Wargaming Scenarios for the War in Lebanon

Some thoughts for scenarios in the Lebanon War.

Shaikh Abdul Karim Obeid, 28 July 1989

On 28 Jul 1989 Israeli airborne commandoes kidnapped an eminent Shia cleric, Shaikh Abdul Karim Obeid, and two of his aides from a village in south Lebanon.

Souq al Gharb Ridge, 13 – 17 August 1989

The Souq al Gharb ridge formed a major demarcation between Christian and Muslim camps. In Aug 1989 the ridge was controlled by the predominantly Christian Forces of General Aoun, including men of the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese Forces (a Christian militia).

On 13 Aug 1989 a Muslim force of 1,200 men – consisting of the Druze militia, the pro-Syrian Palestinian guerrillas and the Syrian Special Forces commandoes – staged a dawn assault on the ridge. Their aim was to lessen the pressure on West Beirut. After 4 days of fierce fighting, and 80 deaths, the Muslims were repelled.

Arms Shipment, 24 April 1990

In early 1990 a civil war within a civil war was being enacted within the Christian enclave. Four predominantly Christian brigades of the Lebanese Army under General Aoun battled the Lebanese Forces (a Christian militia) under Samir Geagea.

On 24 Apr 1990 heavy fighting erupted when Lebanese Forces men prevented arms being unloaded that were destined for Aoun’s men.

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