2 New Zealand (NZ) Division

Most Kiwis fighting during World War II fought as part of 2 New Zealand Division. For the moment I’ve just written aspects of their time in Italy 1943-45.

Sango River
and Orsogna Area
1 Nov 1943

I’m intending to use Crossfire for the 2 NZ Division but that project hasn’t got off the ground yet. I also have suggestions for the Division under Megablitz.

I’ve a few things on the go regarding Kiwis fighting during World War II. These projects are in various states of completion.

Sub-Project Status Rules Comment
Finish the Timeline 7 Dec 1943   Up to 7 Dec 1943 for the 2 NZ Division.
NZ Rifle Battalion Some unpainted figures but have a painting guide Crossfire I have a company box of British Mediterranean from Battle Front (the same figures that I could use for the 1948 Arab-Israeli.
German Fallschirmjaeger Battalion Painted using my painting guide – more or less Crossfire Largely painted and ready to go.

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