Balagan Data Sheets for Crossfire – Tank, APC, and Anti-tank Gun Stats

Although my Crossfire data sheets have been around a while (since 2006), they never had a page of their own to explain why I wrote them. I thought I’d rectify the gap and take the opportunity to add some more vehicles.

Crossfire Balagan Data Sheets Logo

Why write my own data sheets

The Crossfire rules includes Vehicle/ATG Data Sheets in Section CF15.1. I wrote my own Crossfire data sheet for several reasons. I wanted to incorporate:

The data sheets are now an integral part of my Balagan House Rules for Crossfire.


Two downloads are available. The current version has a few more vehicles than the original. But the otherwise they are identical.

Suggestions welcome

Please get in touch if you would like more vehicles added or have suggestions on changing the stats for any of the existing vehicles.

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