Balagan Data Sheets for Crossfire – Tank, APC, and Anti-tank Gun Stats

Although my Crossfire data sheets have been around a while (since 2006), they never had a page of their own to explain why I wrote them. I thought I’d rectify the gap and take the opportunity to add some more vehicles.

Crossfire Balagan Data Sheets Logo

Why write my own data sheets

The Crossfire rules includes Vehicle/ATG Data Sheets in Section CF15.1. I wrote my own Crossfire data sheet for several reasons. I wanted to incorporate:

The data sheets are now an integral part of my Balagan House Rules for Crossfire.


You can download the current Crossfire Datasheet as a PDF.


Suggestions welcome

Please get in touch if you would like more vehicles added or have suggestions on changing the stats for any of the existing vehicles.

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