Chuck Noland’s Crossfire Table – And playing some Balagan Scenarios

Sometimes I feel that I post my stuff into a silent void. So it is great when people respond and particularly to discover that people actually play my scenarios. I’m always keen to get feedback about my scenarios, whether good or bad, so I can tweak them. In this case Chuck Noland emailed and ended up sending me some great photos of his Crossfire games. I particularly like the black and white ones.

SU-76 “Colombina” in Action

Not too long ago we played “Colombina”. I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures we took of it.
Thanks so much for your help and information, Steve!

Chuck is referring to my SU-76 “Colombina” in Action – A Crossfire Scenario. I’ve also got a Battle Report.

CN Coxlombina 1

CN Coxlombina 1

CN Colombina 2

CN Colombina 2

My reaction when I saw these was “Awesome photos. Do you have more?”

3rd Battle of Karkov

Be careful what you ask for. I have a LOT of pictures. Here’s a few of your 3rd Battle of Karkov. We played it twice and I was the Germans. The first time, the Russian reinforcements stopped me. But I learned that I just hadn’t used my artillery to full advantage. The next game, I did, and was able to defeat them. We had loads of fun! Thanks for your scenario!

Here Chuck means my 3rd Battle of Kharkov – A Crossfire Scenario. Again I’ve got a Battle Report.

CN Kharkov 630

CN Kharkov 630

CN Kharkov 683

CN Kharkov 683

CN Kharkov 615

CN Kharkov 615

CN Kharkov 639

CN Kharkov 639

CN Kharkov 660

CN Kharkov 660

13 comments to Chuck Noland’s Crossfire Table – And playing some Balagan Scenarios

  • Julian Donohoe

    Looks terrific; especially the terrain. Lovely detail on the buildings. Is it all 1/72?

  • Mark Flanagan

    Looks a great game and figure set-up

  • Hi. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, most AFVs are 1/72 but I do use some 1/76 if they are kits that seem close to the 1/72. The stone type buildings are all from train shop kits. I don’t know anything about trains. HO? Anyway, they seem to work.
    We’ll be playing a Berlin scenario in Dec and I’ll send along some pictures of those buildings. Thanks again!

    • Steven Thomas

      Thanks again Chuck for sharing your photos. I’m looking forward to seeing Berlin on table. It is one of my long cherished, but unfulfilled, ambitions.

  • Andrés F.

    Steven, let me assure you you’re not “posting into a silent void”. I and many others love your site. It is absolutely one of the best wargaming resources on the net. Basically I love and bought Crossfire because of you. I recommend your site whenever I can, and always am surprised when my interlocutor replies with “balagan? yes, I know the site, it’s super useful!”

    I simply don’t comment on every article you write because sometimes I can’t think of anything to say beyond “cool!”

    That said, that last pic of the T-34 is beyond cool!

    • Steven Thomas

      Thanks Andres. “Cool” would be cool, but I understand the desire to comment at a slightly more in depth level. 😉

      I like the T-34 shot above. But the top SU-76 photo is my favourite. The black and white gives it a nice period feel.

  • Roby

    Hi Chuck.
    Is it possible to see e Top View of the complete tabletop? Thanks

    • Chuck Noland

      Hi Roby
      I’ll search through my photos and see. Thanks for your interest.

    • Hi Roby.
      I’m sorry, I don’t have any top views of this game. In the future, I’ll make sure to document that sort of thing. I tried my best to duplicate Stevens map for Karkov but wasn’t entirely successful. Take a look at his Karkov scenario here on his site.
      Thanks, – Chuck

  • Chris Helm

    Hi Steve, I’d like to enthusiastically second Andres. I know I’ve said this before, off blog, but let’s put it on record. This is a great blog. It’s not only enjoyable to read and a great resource but probably the best structured and hyper-linked blog of its kind that I have ever discovered. Please don’t stop blogging. (Except to make time to play.) You’re definitely not blogging to yourself. Best regards, Chris

  • Ian Francis

    I echo the other comments about your ‘silent void’. I wait eagerly for each of your updates, even if they are not about areas I am specifically interested in. I particularly like your ‘thinking about’ posts. But also all your ideas about how to play the games, modelling, terrain, etc.

    To steal someone’s phrase it is “one of the best wargaming resources on the net.” Simple to use and up to date.

    Keep up the good work!



  • Richard

    Hi Steven

    Yes, great and very convincing photos.

    I expect your web stats show that it isn’t a void though it may be silent. My own blog suffered a long hiatus this year but the hits continue to rise, no doubt on the strength of the ‘back catalogue’.

    I’ve also found there seems to be less discussion going on these days, or, at least, the focus has changed. Some years ago everything seemed to be centred on TMP but that is in sad decline and I now find sites like the Lead Adventure and Pendraken Forums to be more useful.

    Keep on posting!


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