How to get a paper copy of Tilly’s Very Bad Day

Tilly’s Very Bad Day is available free for Download (PDF). Some some people will want a paper copy. Here are three options: print and staple; print and bind; lulu print on demand.

Print and staple

The cheapest approach is to make your own book.

Tilly's Very Bad Day - Printed Book - Stapled
Tilly’s Very Bad Day – Printed Book – Stapled

To staple your own:

Step 1: Download Tilly’s Very Bad Day (PDF)
Step 2: Staple together. You’ll need a chunky stapler.

Print and bind

The next cheapest is to print the rules yourself and then get them commercially bound.

Tilly's Very Bad Day - Printed Book - Spiral Bound
Tilly’s Very Bad Day – Printed Book – Spiral Bound

To get a professionally bound copy:

Step 1: Download Tilly’s Very Bad Day (PDF)
Step 2: Take it to a commercial copying shop and ask them to spiral bind it with a plastic front and card rear. Should cost about £3 in the UK.

Lulu print on demand

The easiest option is to use and get them to do the hard work. are, of course, a print-on-demand company. But with printing, binding and postage this will cost 4-5 times the print and bind option. By the way this is cost price and I make no money on it.

Tilly's Very Bad Day - Printed Book - Lulu
Tilly’s Very Bad Day – Printed Book – Lulu

If you want a printed copy then go here …

Tilly's Very Bad Day - Buy Printed Book - Lulu

12 thoughts on “How to get a paper copy of Tilly’s Very Bad Day”

  1. By the way, I’m working on a Saxon force for Tilly’s Very Bad Day. I’ve got Breitenfeld in mind.

  2. Hi Steve, here’s an additional tip about the print and staple option, in case it’s helpful.

    I’ve printed a number of sets of rules from PDFs recently and have taken advantage of a feature in the Adobe Reader XI print dialogue box that allows you the option to print as a booklet. If you open the print dialogue you’ll see ‘Booklet’ as the right most button, just under the ‘Page Sizing & Handling’ header.

    The benefit of using this option is that the printed item will come out as 2 x A5 pages on every A4 sheet, arranged in such a way that (providing you print double sided) the sheets can be stapled together in the form of an A5 booklet. I’ve found that this has the advantage that it halves the printing cost, the booklet is a more convenient size to handle and it takes up less space on the table. I’d expected the downside to be that the booklets would be more difficult to read but in fact that hasn’t proven to be the case.

    All the best and thanks for a very interesting set of rules,


    • I have had less luck with A5 printing. I did this with a few PDFs and found them nearly unreadable (even with classes). Which is the reason I’ve reverted to A4.

  3. There’s a Thirty Years War paper soldiers book with decent ob’s in the back for Lutzen and Breitenfeld and I’m looking forward to your scenario book.

  4. Would this work up through the 1680s or so?. Still mainly like and matchlock, with charging cavalry. Then flintlocks , bayonets and the thinning of the lines started.

  5. I have version 2.0 but also have the earlier versions. I noticed that opportunity fire was allowed in V1 but has gone away in V2. Is this correct, or am I just missing something?

    • Earlier versions had “Point Blank Shooting” for shooting at chargers. It was an extra rule that didn’t add anything to the game, so I dropped it.


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