Painting Guide for the Arab-Israeli Wars

Very, very draft painting guide for the Arab-Israel Wars.


Excerpt from Maksim-Smelchak on AIW-Wargaming discussion forum:

Well, according to Bamahane (Israeli military magazine) and Concord books on 1982 Lebanon,
Syria has had large piles of old US and British uniforms combined with both French uniform
purchases as well as Soviet. Sometimes, parts from half a dozen uniform manufacturers might be
combined (French berets, US web belts and field jackets, and Soviet trousers and blouses!). Some
of the Concord books have pictures of the troops wearing these outfits.

In addition, Syrian commandoes have apparently had a more free chose over their choice of apparel
because many chose sport jump suits complete with Western insignia (Nike, Adidas, etc.) over

Overall, the majority of photos that I have seen and accounts I have read have pointed out that
the majority of troops and the best ones nearest to the front wore Soviet uniforms. As far as I
can tell, most uniforms were Soviet Green.

Peter Schulein

According Arab armies of the middle east wars 1 In 1967 the Syrian Army troops seem to have
worn khaki drill clothing, but by the 1970’s the olive drab fatigue suit and visored cap seem to
have been general issue. Nevertheless colour photographs show infantry (identifiable by the green
beret with brass eagle cap badge of enlisted ranks) wearing
both olive and dark khaki drill fatigues, sometimes in the same unit. Belts are usually british
’37 pattern, haversacks, helmets and small arms are soviet.


Bruce Willis …

The PLO wore a variety of uniforms. They even had bagpipers.
Headgear was either the black or red checkered kefiyah or crimson berets.

The camo they wore was a knockoff of Egyptian camo of widely spaced areas of mid-green,
interspaced with light choco brown and sandy yellow. They also wore a wide variety of skivvies and
OD shades. Accoutrements was typically the the Chicom guerrilla chest pouches. Weapons were
exclusively AKs, Siminovs, and RPG-7s.

50s-60s French camo was also worn.

In Leb, you had the PLO and PLFP. They wore a variety of Syrian and Lebanese uniforms. They were
well armed with Soviet, Chinese, Czech, captured-Israeli, and American weapons (“diverted” from
shipments to Saudia Arabia). In Lebanon, the Pals were a conventional force with tanks and
artillery and were no wimps. Headgear remained the same red berets, kefiyahs, and Soviet helmets.

Special Night Squads

The Jewish Special Night Squads wore a blue police shirt, linen trousers, and a broad-brimmed Australian army hat (Kurzman, 1970).

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